Davide Renne, Renowned Creative Director of Moschino, Passes Away at 46


Davide Renne, Renowned Creative Director of Moschino, Passes Away at 46
Davide Renne, Renowned Creative Director of Moschino, Passes Away at 46 © New York Post / Youtube Channel

Italian fashion brand Moschino grieves the unexpected passing of its newly appointed team member, 46-year-old creative director Davide Renne. Joining just a week ago, Renne had swiftly earned love and respect within the brand, leaving a legacy of imagination and creativity that the team aims to honor.

Massimo Ferretti, chairman of Aeffe, Moschino's parent company, expressed deep sorrow, acknowledging Renne's swift impact despite his brief tenure. Renne, with two decades of luxury design experience, previously held a significant role at Gucci before his recent appointment.

Davide Renne's creative brilliance was a topic that many couldn't help but talk about. Renne was set to present Moschino's Fall/Winter 2024 collection during Milan Fashion Week, following the announcement of his role in October.

His arrival marked the departure of former creative director Jeremy Scott, ending his decade-long stint at Moschino. The sudden loss of Renne due to illness has left the team reeling, as they were working on an ambitious vision for the brand's future.

The company extends heartfelt condolences to Renne's family and friends during this challenging time.

David Renne

Davide Renne truly made a lasting impression on everyone who knew him. His creative spark, charisma, and fearlessness captivated attention effortlessly.

Renne had this knack for connecting with people, leaving a profound impact through his openness and genuine affection for others. He wasn't just a talented designer; he was someone who brought positivity and warmth into every interaction.

Renne's enthusiasm for life was contagious, inspiring those around him and creating an atmosphere of creativity and friendship wherever he went. His influence went far beyond his work. Renne's way of making people feel seen and appreciated was remarkable.

He didn't just leave his mark on projects; he left an imprint on heart. The memories and stories shared by those touched by his spirit speak volumes about his legacy