Ana Ivanović Showcases the Ultimate Fashion Essential: The Iconic Tote Bag

The story behind Christian Dior's tote bags underscores their significance

by Sead Dedovic
Ana Ivanović Showcases the Ultimate Fashion Essential: The Iconic Tote Bag
© Al Bello / Getty Images Sport

Serbian tennis star Ana Ivanovic recently showcased her Barcelona street style on Instagram. Known for effortlessly embracing fashion trends, she particularly shines in this domain. Her ensemble features skinny jeans paired with a coordinating simple sweatshirt and a timeless coat.

Adding a touch of chic sportiness, she accessorizes with a cap and impeccable sneakers, her signature choice. Notably, a tote bag completes her look, concealing an intriguing fashion narrative. This tote bag has defied passing trends, emerging as a defining fashion statement adaptable to various styles.

Ivanovic proudly sports a Celine bag, a sought-after model also offered by renowned brands like Christian Dior.

What makes tote bags noteworthy is their remarkable versatility, available in diverse designs.

Ivanovic's selection seamlessly complements the neutral tones of her ensemble.


The story behind Christian Dior's tote bags underscores their significance. These bags, integral to Dior's aesthetics, bear the brand's unmistakable fashion emblem.

Spearheaded by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the iconic brand's first woman, the concept has garnered immense success, evident across social media and the styles of prominent personalities. Notably, Beatrice Borromeo, a journalist of aristocratic lineage married to Pierre Casiraghi, Grace Kelly's grandson since 2015, also flaunts her rendition of the tote bag.

Jelena Djokovic showcased her variation in multiple hues during Wimbledon 2022 in London. These bags boast impeccable design but come with a hefty price tag—$3,500 or approximately 3,400 euros. Crafted from French textiles dating back to 1947, originally displayed in Dior's debut boutique, Maria Grazia Chiuri modernized these materials for the tote bag collection.

The meticulous process involves intricate embroidery, with each bag requiring over a million stitches and 42 hours of labor. The motifs are meticulously crafted using sewing machines, ensuring each piece is unique. The bags undergo stringent inspections before reaching the atelier for assembly.

Handles are affixed, central and side portions joined, and the signature "Christian Dior Paris, made in Italy" stamp, along with a gold ribbon, adorns the interior. Celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez also champion tote bags, cementing their status as a fashion must-have.