St. Albert Triumphs: Summer Games Athletes Shine!

Young Athlete's Journey to Glorious Success Unveiled

by Nouman Rasool
St. Albert Triumphs: Summer Games Athletes Shine!

Last weekend, the Alberta Summer Games in Okotoks witnessed an awe-inspiring showcase of talent, with St. Albert athletes leaving an indelible mark on the competition. Thousands of gifted young athletes from various regions across the province came together for the annual event held from July 20th to 23rd.

Among the sea of exceptional contenders, the athletes representing St. Albert stood out with their remarkable achievements. Barrett Groves, the media representative for the St. Albert Mustangs, shed light on the rigorous selection and training process that these athletes underwent to earn the privilege of competing at the prestigious Summer Games.

Groves explained that to qualify for the Alberta Summer Games, athletes had to participate in the St. Albert Challenge track meet in May. The top two finishers from each zone were then selected to represent their region in the games.

However, the journey to excellence didn't end there. Most of the St. Albert athletes who graced the Alberta Summer Games were also dedicated club athletes, devoting themselves to training since April. Some of these young stars honed their skills five days a week, ensuring they were optimally prepared to compete at their best level, and their dedication paid off gloriously.

Promising Pierre Chong's Dazzling Triumph

Among the shining stars was Pierre Chong, a talented Grade 11 student from St. Albert Catholic High School. Chong's athletic journey began back in Grade 4 at Neil M Ross Elementary School, and his hard work culminated in a breathtaking performance at the games.

He secured a gold medal in the medley relay, a silver in the 4x100-meter relay, and an impressive seventh-place finish in the 100 meters. When asked about the secret to his success, Chong emphasized the significance of mental preparation.

For him, it was all about getting into the right mindset before each race, envisioning the course and visualizing success. Of course, physical preparation was equally crucial, and Chong emphasized the importance of warming up muscles, maintaining a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and getting adequate rest to optimize performance.

Another athlete who left an indelible mark was Payton Duffy, a brilliant biker from St. Albert who stole the show in BMX racing. Duffy's stellar performances secured her two gold medals in the classic race and the time trial event.

Grateful for the experience, she expressed her heartfelt appreciation to the volunteers, AB BMX, Alberta Bicycle, and her sponsor factory LSG, recognizing their indispensable support on her journey. Not to be outshone, Nolan Reiling also achieved gold on the BMX track, sharing his excitement about representing Zone 5 and his beloved St.

Albert BMX community. Beyond the thrill of competition, the camaraderie and support among teammates at the Summer Games were invaluable. Groves reflected on his experience in 2018, stating that it brought him closer to his teammates and led to lifelong friendships.

Chong echoed this sentiment, relishing the opportunity to compete with athletes from outside his zone, which pushed him harder and allowed him to connect with new people. St. Albert continued its streak of success across various events.

Alexandra Watson (400m), Brooke Kwasnycia (javelin), Ella Diener (discus), Karissa De Sousa (2000m), Noelle Hibbert (triple jump), Silas Kerbes (triple jump), and Tiege King (shotput and discus) also seized gold medals, adding to the city's triumph.

Despite their exceptional accomplishments, these St. Albert athletes remain ambitious, continuously striving to outperform themselves and achieve new personal bests. For Pierre Chong, the dream doesn't end at the Alberta Summer Games; his sights are set on the upcoming national competition in Calgary, where he aspires to qualify for Team Alberta.

The resounding success of St. Albert athletes at the Alberta Summer Games serves as a testament to their dedication, hard work, and unwavering passion for their respective sports. Their achievements not only inspire their peers but also make their community incredibly proud, basking in the glory of these young sporting stars.

As they set their sights on even greater challenges, there is no doubt that St. Albert will continue to produce exceptional talent and foster a culture of sporting excellence for years to come.