The Art of Elegance: Mansory's Refined Take on the Bentley Continental GT


The Art of Elegance: Mansory's Refined Take on the Bentley Continental GT
The Art of Elegance: Mansory's Refined Take on the Bentley Continental GT

The Bentley Continental GT is an automobile that embodies sophistication, performance, and luxury. Renowned for its powerful, refined contours and sleek design, the Continental GT represents the epitome of grand tourer motoring.

To add an even more exclusive touch to this high-end vehicle, Mansory, the eminent German luxury car modification firm, has introduced an elegantly subtle variant. But unlike many of Mansory's elaborate projects, their latest modification of the Bentley Continental GT is surprisingly restrained and tastefully executed, enhancing the car's innate charm in an unexpected yet delightful way.

Subtle Elegance, Carbon Accents

The primary changes Mansory has implemented involve carefully recalibrated aesthetics rather than dramatic shifts in the vehicle's character. The Continental GT now sports a redesigned front bumper, reshaped air intakes, and a diminutive splitter – all tastefully crafted from carbon fiber.

Mansory has also dipped the radiator grill in a deep, lustrous black, further highlighting the vehicle's low, aggressive stance. The standard wheels have been replaced with a set of forged 22-inch rims, marked FD-15. These disc-styled rims, a stark departure from the traditional Bentley design, lend a unique edge to the vehicle's overall appearance.

Interestingly, the FD-15 rims are not exclusive to this modified Continental GT; they can also be purchased separately for a range of other luxury car models, including the Audi RS6, Audi RS7, Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, Land Rover Defender, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

A Sleek and Sporty Finish

In addition to the aforementioned modifications, the Mansory Continental GT showcases carbon fiber side mirror housings, carbon skirt extensions, and a rear lip spoiler. A fixed rear wing and rear diffuser have also been added, imbuing the GT with a sporty yet sophisticated persona.

The exclusive baby blue hue, a distinctive feature of the Mansory version, lends a bold touch to the car's exterior, making it an eye-catching sight on the road.

The Luxury Price Tag

Of course, the remarkable attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and exclusivity of these enhancements do come at a price.

Mansory's Bentley Continental GT is listed at 368,900 euros, a substantial increase over the standard model's price tag of 220,000 euros in Germany. Yet for those who crave exclusivity and are ready to shell out the extra euros, this subtly enhanced Mansory version offers an intriguing, high-end alternative to Bentley's standard Continental GT.