ZLINE's Luxury Appliances Fuel Reno Expansion Success

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath's Expanding Presence and Success

by Nouman Rasool
ZLINE's Luxury Appliances Fuel Reno Expansion Success

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath, a renowned luxury kitchen and bath appliance manufacturer, has taken a significant stride in expanding its operations by opening a 52,000 square-foot warehouse on Parr Circle in Reno. With around one-third of its revenue originating from western regional sales, the move comes as a strategic move to bolster its presence in the western market.

Having started in Marysville, Ohio in 2007, ZLINE already possessed a 40,000 square-foot warehouse on Parr Circle. The timing of their expansion coincided with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which initially posed challenges to construction efforts.

However, the pandemic-driven surge in online sales worked in ZLINE's favor as more customers turned to e-commerce for appliance purchases. As a drop-shop appliance company, they were well-positioned to capitalize on this trend and witnessed remarkable sales growth during the period.

ZLINE's Direct-to-Consumer Sales and Diverse Product Range

Derek Wilcox, the director of distribution at ZLINE, revealed that approximately 90 percent of their revenue stems from direct-to-consumer sales. Their product distribution is handled by facilities in Northern Nevada, Ohio, and Tennessee.

The company's primary focus lies in selling large luxury kitchen appliances under their flagship ZLINE brand, which includes an array of items such as ranges, hoods, microwaves, refrigerators, and more. Additionally, their Reno facility houses an impressive line of ZLINE bathroom appliances, featuring various sinks and faucets, completing the suite of home amenities.

One of ZLINE's standout features is its commitment to designing and engineering all products within the U.S. Originally starting operations in a modest building in Sparks, the Reno site now serves as the company's U.S. headquarters, housing critical departments like marketing, channel and vendor sales, operations, accounting, and analytics.

Strategically located, Reno acts as a logistical hub for ZLINE, enabling the smooth reception of inbound freight from the Port of Oakland. With easy access to Interstate 80 and Highway 395, the company enjoys an advantageous position for shipping and warehousing products.

DA Builders played a vital role as the general contractor for ZLINE's expansion project, culminating in the successful occupation of the new facility in late June. Wilcox also emphasized the significance of the additional warehouse space, providing room for further enhancements to their signature Autograph series of appliances.

This series allows customers to personalize their appliances according to their interior design preferences and styles. ZLINE's team of skilled workers can now focus on customization, offering different finishes, colored doors, handles, and accessories to elevate the look and feel of the kitchen.

Currently, ZLINE has a workforce of approximately 70 employees in Northern Nevada, with 35 dedicated to warehouse operations. As they gear up for peak season, including their prominent Black Friday sale event, the company plans to expand its team by hiring an additional 10 employees starting in the fall.

The pandemic and the subsequent surge in building material costs presented some challenges during the expansion process. However, ZLINE's commitment to its goals and perseverance in the face of obstacles led to the successful realization of their new facility.

Their unwavering focus on growth and customer satisfaction has been the driving force behind their ongoing success. With this new expansion, ZLINE is poised to further strengthen its position in the luxury kitchen and bath appliance market, offering a wide array of premium products to meet the discerning tastes of their clientele.