Ruby Falls Unveils Exclusive Luxury Treehouse Retreats

Escape to Nature's Lap: Ruby Falls Introduces Luxurious Treehouse Retreats

by Nouman Rasool
Ruby Falls Unveils Exclusive Luxury Treehouse Retreats

Lookout Mountain welcomes an enchanting addition as Ruby Falls and Treetop Hideaways unveil their highly anticipated luxury treehouse lodging experience. Last December, we tantalized readers with a glimpse into their plans, and now we are thrilled to share that the treehouses have officially opened their doors, promising a remarkable retreat for guests seeking a unique blend of rustic charm and refined luxury.

With three distinct treehouses to choose from—Dogwood, Wood Lily, and Redbud—each abode showcases meticulous craftsmanship using thoughtfully curated reclaimed materials. Evoking nostalgic memories of childhood tree forts, these architectural marvels offer an elevated experience akin to that of a lavish hotel, all while being nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Lookout Mountain.

Catering to a range of party sizes, each treehouse comfortably accommodates between two to five guests, boasting awe-inspiring views of the magnificent Tennessee Valley. Whether you prefer to bask in the cozy interior, unwind on the wraparound decks, or gather around the fully stocked fire pits with complementary s'mores kits, every moment spent within these ethereal dwellings promises to be a cherished memory.

Immersive Local Delights Await

As a delightful touch, the treehouses also feature locally sourced amenities to enhance the authentic experience. Indulge in Noke's Granola bars, savor the flavors of hand-selected coffee from Goodman Coffee Roasters, and pamper yourself with custom soaps from Good Fortune Soap and Spa, all carefully chosen to immerse guests in the rich local culture.

Recently, editors Haley and Kristen were given an exclusive tour of the treehouses, where they discovered a host of impressive amenities unique to each abode. The Dogwood Treehouse, the only wheelchair-accessible option, boasts an inviting loft complete with a writing desk, daybed, and plush couch.

Its distinguishing features include an indoor shower, as well as a private outdoor shower, allowing guests to reconnect with nature. Bookworms will delight in the shelves lined with board games, while the nostalgic crackle of vinyl on the record player sets a cozy ambiance.

For nature enthusiasts, the Wood Lily Treehouse is a haven of lush greenery, adorned with an abundance of plants and even a captivating fern mural. Its loft features a charming window seat nook, offering a tranquil space to observe the surrounding forest.

Guests can luxuriate in the indoor shower or indulge in an outdoor shower nestled amidst the trees. The Redbud Treehouse exudes a timeless charm, showcasing a vintage 1900s phonograph record player that serenades guests with melodies from the legendary Dolly Parton.

Outside, a captivating mural of Ruby Falls adorns the treehouse, paying homage to the breathtaking beauty of the area. Guests can enjoy the convenience of an indoor shower or revel in the indulgence of a private outdoor soaking tub, blending relaxation and natural splendor seamlessly.

Whether you seek a serene escape, an intimate getaway, or a whimsical adventure, the luxury treehouses at Ruby Falls offer an extraordinary retreat unlike any other. Immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of nature while relishing the luxurious comforts that await amidst the treetops. Book your enchanting stay today and create timeless memories in this idyllic haven.