Timeless Precision: MB&F's HM8 Mark 2 Blends Automotive and Horological Brilliance


Timeless Precision: MB&F's HM8 Mark 2 Blends Automotive and Horological Brilliance
Timeless Precision: MB&F's HM8 Mark 2 Blends Automotive and Horological Brilliance

In an era where design inspirations are shared across various industries, few synergies are as captivating as that between cars and watches. Two diverse worlds of intricacy and mechanical wizardry are drawn together in a seamless dance of inspiration and form.

Watchmakers at MB&F have now redefined this dance with their latest creation, the HM8 Mark 2, and its exceptional embodiment of automotive influences.

Horological Elegance Meets Supercar Sophistication

The HM8 Mark 2 has an eye-catching facade that confidently showcases its foundational design inspiration.

Yet this is more than just another creatively themed timepiece. The watch's distinctive design ties back to the childhood dreams of MB&F's founder, who spent his formative years envisioning automobile designs. With the Porsche 918 Spyder as its muse, the HM8 Mark 2's design and construction truly embody the spirit of this supercar.

Its unique aesthetic boasts two reel-shaped segments seamlessly integrated into the watch's body, reminiscent of the sleek contours of the Porsche. Offering a glimpse into the heart of the watch, a transparent glass cover reveals the intricate mechanism beneath, akin to a supercar's engine compartment that proudly displays the powerful engine within.

A Timepiece Born of Collaboration and Innovation

MB&F has partnered with the renowned watchmaker, Girard-Perregaux, to equip the HM8 Mark 2 with a reliable and precise movement. Meanwhile, MB&F independently designed the hour and minute modules, adhering to the automotive theme of the watch.

In a brilliant touch of innovation, the watch allows drivers to check the time from the side, eliminating the need to lift their hand from the steering wheel. This feature is not only practical but also adds to the allure of the watch's automotive motif.

To ensure legibility, MB&F uses a sapphire prism that makes the numbers appear to "pop" off the face of the watch. The casing, available in British racing green CarbonMacrolon or white titanium, further ties the watch to its motor sports influences.

Limited Edition Luxury

The HM8 Mark 2 is not just an ordinary timepiece; it's a testament to opulence and rarity. The green CarbonMacrolon version, for instance, is limited to just 33 pieces, featuring a red-gold rotor and turquoise minute markers.

Its counterpart in white boasts a bluish-green CVD rotor and light green minute markers. In terms of cost, the watch is available for 73,000 Swiss francs, or about 75,000 euros. This price point puts it firmly in the luxury market, costing more than a Porsche Cayenne.

Despite its steep price, for lovers of fine watches and supercars, the HM8 Mark 2 offers an unmatched blend of horological and automotive excellence.