Jeff Bezos Prepares $175 Million Luxurious Residence for Lauren Sánchez

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Jeff Bezos Prepares $175 Million Luxurious Residence for Lauren Sánchez
Jeff Bezos Prepares $175 Million Luxurious Residence for Lauren Sánchez

When billionaire Jeff Bezos popped the question to Lauren Sanchez, it wasn't just the engagement that caught the media's attention. His next grand move? The construction of a lavish mansion in Beverly Hills where he plans to reside with his soon-to-be wife.

A Luxurious Love Nest in the Making

According to international reports, crews were recently spotted laboring on the rooftop of a massive estate nestled in the upscale neighborhood of Beverly Hills, California. The land, encompassing an impressive 2,601 square meters, is valued at a whopping 175 million US dollars - that's approximately 316 million convertible marks!

Bezos, who boasts an estimated net worth of around $138 billion, acquired the property in 2020. The prestigious estate was formerly owned by the ex-chairman of Warner Bros., Jack Warner. The sprawling compound boasts an assortment of features including a main house, guest house, gym, covered patio area, and a separate security house.

Interestingly, Bezos owns an additional property worth $10 million in the vicinity. The expansive yard of the mansion, set to house a swimming pool and a restroom, is currently under development.

The Bezos-Sanchez Love Story

Bezos's engagement to Sanchez was no less than a fairy-tale episode.

Reportedly, he proposed to her on a yacht valued at $500 million during a trip to the South of France. The diamond-studded seal of their commitment was a 20-carat ring, appraised at a staggering $2.5 million. Despite the early turbulence in their relationship, Bezos and Sanchez have since emerged as a stable and joyous couple.

The duo was recently spotted disembarking their superyacht, "Kora", in Cannes. The yacht, adorned with a life-size wooden sculpture of Sanchez, is an extravagant testament to Bezos's love for his fiancée. Insiders suggest that Bezos has undergone a transformation since the inception of his relationship with Sanchez.

His later years are said to be dedicated to making up for the missed pleasures of his youth. Together with Sanchez, he can be seen globetrotting, gracing red carpets, partaking in social events, and even visiting amusement parks.

The couple appears to savor each new experience with a youthful zeal, giving the world a glimpse into their whirlwind romance and shared enthusiasm for life.

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