American Travelers' Adventurous Spirit: Embracing Spontaneity And Preference

A recent survey of 2,045 adults with upcoming travel plans revealed an exhilarating finding: over 60% of Americans believe that the most unforgettable journeys are those embarked upon spontaneously.

by Nikiya Biggs
American Travelers' Adventurous Spirit: Embracing Spontaneity And Preference

A recent survey of 2,045 adults with upcoming travel plans revealed an exhilarating finding: over 60% of Americans believe that the most unforgettable journeys are those embarked upon spontaneously. It's truly fascinating to discover that as many as 67% of individuals relish trips on a whimsical impulse.

In fact, the survey reveals that 22% of adventurous souls base their travel choices solely on personal preference and spontaneous decision-making. This insight highlights the charismatic spirit and thrill-seeking nature that lies within a significant portion of the American population when exploring the world around them.

Travelers' Eagerness To Explore: Insights From The OnePoll Survey

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Motel 6 has revealed some fascinating insights into the minds of American travelers. Many respondents are itching to travel, regardless of the destination.

73% of those surveyed stated that they would be willing to embark on a journey to a surprise location. But it's not just about reaching the destination; the journey is just as enjoyable for 75% of travelers. And who doesn't love a good travel buddy? More than three in four (78%) prefer to have companions on their trips, with almost a third (28%) even planning to bring their furry friends along for the ride.

Gone are the days of limiting travel to peak seasons, as almost half of Americans (47%) are equally likely to travel during off-peak periods, such as weekdays or less busy seasons. And interestingly, 29% of respondents prefer to travel during these quieter times.

It is time to pack our bags, grab our loved ones (and pets), and hit the road to explore the world!

Unveiling Hidden Gems: The Allure Of Discovering New Cities

When it comes to embarking on adventures, reconnecting with loved ones tops the list as the most compelling reason for planned trips, with an impressive 53%.

There's nothing quite like the joy of visiting family and friends, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime. But it doesn't stop there! The urge to escape the humdrum of daily life also drives wanderlust, with an astonishing 50% of travelers yearning for a break that takes them away from the mundane and into the extraordinary.

And let's not forget the insatiable curiosity in every explorer's heart. Around 35% of travelers are enticed by the allure of discovering new cities, immersing themselves in unfamiliar cultures, and uncovering hidden gems that lie off the beaten path.

These adventurers are genuine seekers of the extraordinary, fueled by a thirst for discovery. But here's the fascinating part: these journeys are no mere stroll down the street. A staggering 70% of these brave souls are planning trips that will take them more than three hours away from their hometowns.

They are willing to traverse vast distances to fulfill their wanderlust, proving that distance is no obstacle to pursuing extraordinary experiences.

The Calm Before Return: A Sense Of Relaxation As The Trip Comes To An End

On average, travelers experience a range of emotions throughout their trip.

In the beginning, they often feel excited, with 74% expressing this sentiment. Additionally, 50% report feeling joyful, while 49% feel energized as they embark on their journey. However, as their trip comes to a close and they prepare to return home, a sense of relaxation sets in, with 38% of travelers expressing this feeling.

Observing how these emotions evolve and change throughout a trip is fascinating. “Taking a last-minute getaway is a great way to add some joy into your life,” said Julie Arrowsmith, President and Interim CEO of Motel 6.

“For those seeking a new adventure this summer, they can rest easy knowing that we are here to provide a clean, comfortable and affordable place to stay so travelers can spend more on the actual experiences and events that brought them to the destination”.

Travelers Save Money In Various Ways

Well, travelers seem to be shaking things up this year! A whopping 44% are switching things up and trying new things. Can you believe that more than half of those people, 57%, travel to new destinations? Talk about adventurous!

And another 34% plan to visit multiple places on a single trip. Are they trying to break a world record or something? But wait, there's more! It looks like travelers are also paying attention to their budgets this year. 33% travel during the off-season and avoid weekend trips to save some cash.

And 32% of them bring their own snacks instead of spending money on the road. Genius!

Embracing Budget-Friendly Lodging Options

Oh, and don't forget about those budget-friendly lodging options. Nearly a third of travelers, 30%, are opting for more affordable places to stay.

And it seems like everyone is jumping on the local experience bandwagon, with 24% of travelers skipping tourist hotspots in favor of a more authentic vibe. Can you blame them? This year, a large portion of travelers, almost half at 49%, have planned to stay at hotels or motels for their accommodation.

When booking their stays, two-thirds of travelers, or 66%, emphasize the importance of rewards programs. This is where things get interesting! With the money saved on affordable lodging options, 43% of these adventurous travelers have exciting plans to splurge on unforgettable experiences such as immersive tours and indulgent dining.

Can you imagine the incredible memories they'll be making? How will they choose which terms to embark on or which restaurants to savor? It's a compelling thought!

* This random double-opt-in survey of 2,045 people with travel plans was commissioned by Motel 6 between February 22 and February 27, 2023.

It was conducted by market research company OnePoll, whose team members are members of the Market Research Society and have corporate membership to the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR).