The Future of Weddings is in Space with Space Perspective

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The Future of Weddings is in Space with Space Perspective
The Future of Weddings is in Space with Space Perspective

Space weddings may soon be a reality as Space Perspective, a company co-founded by Jane Poynter, aims to be the first to offer this unique wedding experience. In an interview with The Cool Down, Poynter revealed that there are already individuals interested in tying the knot in space.

The ceremonies will be held aboard the Neptune spacecraft. "We've already had inquiries from people wanting to be the first couple to get married in space, so we'll see who will be the first," Poynter stated in the interview.

The Future of Spacecraft: Neptune

The Neptune spacecraft was designed with accessibility, sustainability, and safety in mind. It is comprised of the SpaceBalloon, Reserve Descent System, and Neptune Capsule. Unlike other spacecraft, the capsule remains secured to the SpaceBalloon throughout the flight, providing a smooth and safe journey.

The firm's website explains, "Spaceship Neptune's capsule remains secured to the SpaceBalloon the entire flight from liftoff to splashdown, creating a seamlessly safe and gentle flight." The company is also committed to sustainability, as the Neptune spacecraft is lifted to space by the SpaceBalloon, which is propelled by renewable hydrogen, resulting in no carbon footprint from rockets.

Space Perspective writes, "Spaceship Neptune is lifted to space by our SpaceBalloon, propelled by renewable hydrogen, with no rockets and none of the associated carbon footprint."

Making Space Accessible to All

The Neptune spacecraft rises slowly at 12mph, making it accessible to anyone who is medically fit to fly with a commercial airline.

The balloon technology used by Space Perspective has been used for decades and is proven, having been used on missions with NASA and other government agencies to lift research telescopes and other heavy, sensitive instruments.

The Neptune spacecraft is equipped with an auxiliary landing system consisting of four parachutes located between the capsule and the SpaceBalloon. These parachutes can take over from the primary systems seamlessly and at a moment's notice if needed, ensuring a safe landing.

The parachutes have a 100 percent success rate, having been used for decades. Space Perspective's goal is to make space travel accessible to as many people as possible, and offering space weddings is a step towards that goal.

The company is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in space and providing a unique experience for those looking to take their love to new heights.