Bill Gates' Disappointing Visit to Barcelona's ABaC Restaurant


Bill Gates' Disappointing Visit to Barcelona's ABaC Restaurant

Spanish chef Jordi Cruz, owner of the prestigious ABaC restaurant in Barcelona with three Michelin stars, recently shared a disappointing experience with Bill Gates during an episode of the online show "Planeta Calleja."

A Disappointing Experience

During the show, Cruz recounted out the details of the encounter with the billionaire businessman.

Gates had booked out the entire restaurant, bringing along a large entourage and 25 bodyguards. Despite the extensive preparations made by the ABaC staff, Gates' visit was far from satisfactory. Cruz recalls: "Some time ago, Bill Gates came to the restaurant.

Everyone came with him... his 25 bodyguards, entourage. Bill booked out the whole restaurant, just for him. We had prepared the best and biggest for him and his team. And do you know what Bill did? He ordered a Diet Coke and went back to his plane." The move was a disappointment to Cruz and his staff, who had turned down other reservations for the day to accommodate the Microsoft co-founder. "Do you think you have to close a nice place to come and have a cola?" Cruz pondered.

A Blunt Reflection

The disappointment was palpable in Cruz's voice, who later reflected on the experience and his opinion on Bill Gates: "There are people who have money, who are a bit fed up with everything and value it less." The tasting menu at ABaC restaurant costs nearly 300 euros and features dishes such as hazelnut butter with caviar, guinea fowl meat baked with corn, and foie gras.

Cruz was awarded his first Michelin star in November 2004, making him the youngest chef in Spain and the second youngest chef in the world to receive this prestigious award at just 26 years of age. While Bill Gates' visit to ABaC restaurant may have been a letdown for the staff, it is a testament to the high standards and expectations set by Chef Jordi Cruz and his team.

Despite the disappointment, Cruz remains a renowned chef and continues to raise the bar for culinary excellence in the industry.

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