Cristiano Ronaldo's contract in the UAE: Brutal figure!


Cristiano Ronaldo's contract in the UAE: Brutal figure!

In his new contract, the Portuguese star will earn 200 million euros per year with a rich club. This amounts to 16 million euros per month, 3.8 million per week, 760,000 euros per day, 96,000 euros per hour, 1,600 euros per minute, and 26 euros per second.

As a result of terminating his Manchester United contract, Ronaldo accepted an offer which is quite difficult to refuse, even though he will be sadly missed by European football. "Play in the MLS or in the United Arab Emirates? I still have six or seven years left and I want to finish my career at the top, with dignity, in a big club," said Ronaldo in 2015, a time when he was still playing for Real Madrid, although he had no idea what shirt he would wear the next day.

"I am very proud of this step I took. My work in Europe is now over. I played for the best clubs in Europe and now I thank Saudi Arabia for the opportunity for a new challenge," said Ronaldo at today's presentation. "My family is happy about my decision to come to Saudi Arabia and they support me.

In Saudi Arabia they are very happy with my arrival and the arrival of my family". "It's good to come here. I broke all the records in Europe and I want to break a few more here. I came to win and be part of the country's culture.

What I want is to laugh and play football," added Ronaldo.

Rudi Garcia and his reaction

Rudi Garcia, the coach of Ronaldo, also spoke. "Cristiano is one of the best in history. For me, for the country and for the club, it's fantastic that someone of his size can come.

I've seen great players in my life, but not like Cristiano. Coaching Cristiano will be very easy because he likes it very much. there's a little bit of explaining to do. I really want to be able to share our experience."

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