Stephane Rolland's Spring/Summer 2023 Haute Couture Collection

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Stephane Rolland's Spring/Summer 2023 Haute Couture Collection

Stephane Rolland, the French designer, presented his latest haute couture collection at the Palais de Challot in Paris this week, and it was a true spectacle of gold-glow creations, bursting with pre-Columbian symbolism.

The collection, dedicated to Brazil, was a nod to the country's architecture and culture, and a reflection of the designer's personal connection to the South American nation.

A Daring Tribute to Brazil

Rolland, who spent his adolescence in Brazil, has long wanted to pay homage to the country through his work.

"I've wanted to dedicate a show to Brazil for a long time," he said.“I love the country, I admire the style Brazilians have, and how they find pleasure in daily life. With trapezoidal silhouettes and embossed patterns, I wanted to showcase the architectural heritage of Rio and Brasilia,” The collection was full of daring dresses and overalls with oversized cuts, voluminous hoods, and disproportionate shoulders.

The designer used trapezoidal silhouettes and embossed patterns to showcase the architectural heritage of Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, drawing inspiration from the works of the renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer.

A Golden Highlight

The crown of the entire fashion show was the golden bride, a magnificent lamé dress inspired by the patron saint of Brazil, Mary of Aperecida, worn by French model Oulimata Gallet with Senegalese roots.

The creation, which appears large and heavy at first glance, was made using a huge amount of gold leaf and special alloy and was lacquered and laminated with gold by interior designer Fabien Barbera. The difficulty lay in creating a dress that seems huge, thick, and heavy, but is instead extremely light to wear, as Rolland explained.

Many in attendance commented that they would love to see this daring model on the most important film red carpet in the calendar, the Oscars. It's worth noting that Rolland drew inspiration from the scene of the film "Black Orpheus" directed by Marcel Camus from 1959, which takes place in a Brazilian f