Luxury Yacht Design: The Aegir


Luxury Yacht Design: The Aegir

A graduate student by the name of Chris Lane has designed a luxurious yacht that embodies the spirit of the Danish philosophy of hygge, named the Aegir. The 50-meter yacht, named after the Viking, is designed with Scandinavian design elements, including a sauna, swimming pool, and wood sourced from Scandinavia.

The yacht is intended for cruising the Norwegian fjords, and its design focuses on creating an atmosphere of comfort and well-being for its guests.

Hygge: A Philosophy of Happiness

Hygge is a Danish philosophy of happiness that has gained popularity in recent years.

It centers around creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, where people can feel comfortable and content. Lane drew inspiration from this philosophy in designing the Aegir yacht, creating relaxing nooks and cozy spaces for guests to spend time together.

Design Elements

The yacht features a glass superstructure, which provides views on all sides and takes inspiration from the minimalist land-based projects of Dutch architect Paul de Ruiter. Mirrors are used to blend the yacht into its surroundings, and an open-plan observation lounge is located on the upper level, complete with a bar and ample sunbathing space.

A living wall runs the entire length of the central core of the yacht, from the sundeck to the lower deck, providing a visual link that ties all levels together and connects guests with nature, even when indoors. "My intention was to give each area a beachy feel, so guests feel connected, even when sitting at completely different ends of the structure," Lane says. "The living wall is a visual link that ties all levels together and connects guests with nature, even when indoors."

Interior Design

The interior of the yacht is lined with wood, which radiates a special warmth.

Lane chose all-white soft furnishings, with a few green details from plants, that contrast nicely with the wood. One of the yacht's standout features is a corner located just forward of the full-beam master suite, featuring a large skylight that invites guests to look at the beautiful night sky.


In keeping with the Scandinavian theme, the yacht has a sauna, steam room and a fully equipped gym. The marble pool on the aft deck is flanked by a cascading waterfall that spans both levels. The yacht also carries sailboats and kayaks, but does not have a jet ski garage.

Lane explains that this was a deliberate decision, saying "I want guests to be able to relax and be inspired by nature; watch the northern lights and connect peacefully with the scenery -without the usual combination of thrills and parties on the water." In conclusion, the Aegir yacht is a luxurious vessel that embodies the spirit of the Danish philosophy of hygge, designed to provide its guests with an atmosphere of comfort and well-being while cruising the Norwegian fjords. With its unique design and amenities, the Aegir is sure to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for its guests.