Doja Cat Sparkles In 30,000 Swarovski Crystals During Fashion Week

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Doja Cat Sparkles In 30,000 Swarovski Crystals During Fashion Week

American rapper Doja Cat appeared yesterday at Fashion Week in Paris in an unusual combination that contained as many as 30,000 Swarovski crystals glued to her body. The rapper Doja Cat appeared in an interesting fashion combination at the Schiaparelli brand show at Fashion Week in Paris, whose "dressing" lasted as long as five hours and contained 30,000 Swarovski crystals.

“Doja Cat Couture @dojacat in 30 000 @swarovski crystals applied by hand at the @schiaparelli Haute Couture SS23 show held at Petit Palais in Paris,” the fashion house shared in an Instagram post.

This twenty-seven-year-old star chose the color red, and the crystals had to be manually applied to her body and dress.

The Schiaparelli brand revealed on its Instagram profile that Doja's outfit also included a red corset, a hand-knitted skirt with lacquered wooden beads, and deep red boots.

Pat McGrath is behind this unusual look

Famous make-up artist Pat McGrath is behind this unusual look, and he shared with his fans on Instagram the information about the length of the entire process and stated that Doja Cat was extremely patient while he was working.

Last year, she also attracted attention at Fashion Week in Paris, when she covered her face, neck, and torso in gold. “Such a pleasure working with the gorgeous @DojaCat and the amazing @DanielRoseberry on the ‘Doja’s Inferno’ look for @Schiaparelli’s FW23 Haute Couture collection.

Doja’s sublime patience during the 4 hours and 58 minutes it took to create the look with #TeamPatMcGrath, which was covered in over 30,000 hand-applied @swarovski Crystals, was inspiring. The final product was a magical, mesmerising masterpiece of sparkling brilliance.

Xx,” wrote McGrath.

At that time, she was the target of numerous criticisms, but she replied that she was not guided by any rules and that she did not want to be attractive. She also stated that each of her fashion releases carries a story.