Luxurious Living in an Aircraft: Boeing 737 converted into a Villa

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Luxurious Living in an Aircraft: Boeing 737 converted into a Villa

Converted Boeing 737 Villa now available for rent. Russian businessman Feliks Demin has converted an abandoned Mandal Airlines Boeing 737 into a two-bedroom luxury villa. The villa, which is currently under development, will be available to visitors from March 2022 and will cost $7,367 per night.

The villa, which is located on top of a cliff near the 1.5 kilometer long Nyang Nyang Beach, near the surfing destination of Uluwatu, will be called Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens. The project is already listed as available for rent at IDR 113,999,999 per night.

That's roughly $7,367. The price of staying in one of the bedrooms with a minimalist design and enjoying the bathroom in the former cockpit is not quite in the range of a surf hostel. "Externally and structurally, this is a jet aircraft that we have turned into a luxury hotel," said entrepreneur Felix Demin.

The aircraft is now in the process of being converted into a two-bedroom villa. Of course, there is also a terrace at the top of the wing and a spacious swimming pool.

It took seven days to move the plane to its new hilltop location after all permits were obtained in September 2021.

It was moved in two different parts before being put back together after being placed in a new location. While the fuselage remained the same shape, the cockpit and flight systems were removed to make room for everything that might be needed.

Business Insider reported that the property is currently under development, although below you can see artist's renderings of what it should look like when done. The villa will have a minimalist design, with the bedrooms and bathroom located in the former cockpit.

The terrace on the top of the wing and the spacious swimming pool are expected to be some of the main attractions. This unique and luxurious villa will give visitors the chance to experience something truly unique, and for those who love aviation, it will be a dream come true.

The villa is located near the famous surfing destination of Uluwatu and is expected to be a hit among tourists and surfers alike.