The most expensive suits in the world: An impressive list!

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The most expensive suits in the world: An impressive list!

In general, men's wardrobes, especially suits, are less attractive or cheaper than women's. In today's post, we present you with the opposite. It is not uncommon for some suits to cost more than cars, and even some villas. There are a number of suits available at prices that will leave you speechless.

Men who enjoy pleasing themselves and can afford them should buy them. Suit filed by Stuart Hughes for $892,980 This flawless fashion piece was created by Manchester-based designer Stuart Hughes over 850 hours, who spent over $1 million on it.

Over 500 diamonds are woven into the front and back of his suit, which is a unique blend of cashmere, silk and wool. The suit is not only perfect in appearance but it also costs 892,980 dollars, which will leave you speechless.

Alexander to Amos $101,890 One of the most famous luxury tailors, Aleksander Amosu, created a suit costing $101,890 that almost matches perfection. The most expensive wool in the world is used in the making of this suit. A fashion masterpiece such as this required the designer to make over 16,000 stitches by hand.

Besides the diamond buttons, the suit's price is also due to its high quality.

William Westmancott $75,000

With his Ultimate Bespoke project, the British designer managed to surpass all expectations and create a suit that cost $75,000.

Each suit part is handmade, and it takes the tailor about 200 hours to complete it. This is why such a high price can be justified. Kiton K-5 $50,000 Enzo D'Orsi, an Italian designer, creates these suits using high quality materials derived from merino sheep.

You can expect to pay around $50,000 for a Kiton K-5 suit. Desmond Merrion $47,000 Among its offer are impeccable, elegant and polished suits that cost 47,000 dollars at one of London's most famous fashion tailors. A tailor of this caliber deserves a price as high as this one for his impeccable work and efforts.