Top 10 European Destinations for Winter Travel in 2022

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Top 10 European Destinations for Winter Travel in 2022
Top 10 European Destinations for Winter Travel in 2022 (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

European cities are among the most visited destinations this winter. Millions of tourists visit Europe in the winter months for specific experiences to admire and explore. Europe has not only justified but also exceeded the expectations of tourists looking for new experiences.

Winter temperatures in Europe differ, so in the northern part of this continent you can experience a real winter atmosphere, and in the south, you can feel the Mediterranean climate. One of the recommendations is to travel by train, which offers a new travel experience, so you can see unusual landscapes, but also travel with the local population.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tourists claim that there is no city like Tallinn for an authentic Christmas market atmosphere. The girls at the stalls sell fried potatoes and pudding,. Tallinn is one of the oldest capital cities in Northern Europe and one of the best places in Europe during winter.

The tourist office also offers a guided walking tour every day. The view of the capital will amaze you with Soviet buildings and churches with domes.

Florence, Italy

Like several other Italian cities, the Christmas atmosphere makes it one of the best places to visit in Europe.

Locals start decorating their shop windows at the beginning of December, and the city administration of Florence installs decorative lighting on the streets. In Florence, you can practice some of the usual winter sports or simply enjoy the concerts held in the square.

Munich, Germany

Germany is home to several holiday traditions, including carols, Christmas trees, and advent calendars, making it one of the best places to travel in Europe during the winter, and Munich is well-respected as a destination.

The New Year's fair and fairy-tale atmosphere are what sets Munich apart. When it comes to food, one of the recommendations is to try some of the most famous types of sausages.

Helsinki, Finland

You can expect a real festive atmosphere in Helsinki, as the city is mostly covered in snow in winter.

Main streets and shops are decorated, while the smell of mulled wine spreads. Although the temperatures are extremely low in this city, there is no shortage of celebrations, so during the holidays, you will be able to attend parties in local restaurants.

Rome, Italy

Rome really stays cozy and uncrowded during the winter months. December is the best time to spend the holidays in Rome, as it starts to light up with a festive atmosphere and decorations. In December, it should rain a little less compared to November, and the days can be clear and short.

Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is known as a country with many languages. It is appreciated for its magnificent architecture and old towns, which blend with modern design. There are many things to enjoy in Brussels, and it is also known for its delicious waffles, beer, chocolates, mussels, and French fries.

Daytime temperatures in this city are mostly below zero.

Paris, France

Paris is considered one of the best destinations in Europe not only during the New Year holidays but throughout the year. The mighty Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral are even more enchanting during winter days.

Bologna, Italy

Bologna is especially interesting during December because of the holiday traditions they celebrate. The celebration begins on December 8 with the decoration of the tree in the main square, then the distribution of packets for children on the feast of St.

Lucia, and after that comes Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Budapest, Hungary

Winter is the best time to visit Budapest. A visit to this city especially attracts attention because of the museum, old town bars and thermal pools.

The view of the frozen Danube will attract special attention.

Venice, Italy

If you choose Venice as your winter destination, it is recommended to go to the carnival. However, costume events can be quite expensive. Therefore, it is recommended to enjoy the free activities that the famous carnival offers.

Besides the carnival, Venice is known for its culture, which visitors can fully experience. The unique architecture, canals and atmosphere of the old world become magical in winter.