The Met Gala 2023 will honor Karl Lagerfeld


The Met Gala 2023 will honor Karl Lagerfeld
The Met Gala 2023 will honor Karl Lagerfeld

The MET Museum will host a major exhibition dedicated to the great and influential work of the designer. One of the most important fashion events of the year, the Met Gala, has revealed its central theme for 2023: it will be dedicated to the work of one of the greatest designers, Karl Lagerfeld.

The designer whose name is associated with the modern revival of the Chanel brand died in 2019, having spent 32 years as creative director of the famous French house. Karl Lagerfeld was not only a great designer, he was a fashion superpower, who made history with fashion innovations (among others, he created the double C logo that became the most popular and recognizable logo and a synonym for elegant luxury), fashion shows that were real spectacles, as well as projects that combined fashion with art.

Karl also had his own brand. Karl Lagerfeld is not only a designer - a legend, he is an icon of history, who transcends the boundaries of fashion, therefore the theme of the MET gala is dedicated to this special person and his work, which of course comes in connection with the exhibition that will be hosted by the museum called "Karl Lagerfeld: The Line of Beauty.

"Karl was a lover of multidisciplinary arts, and it is the highest recognition for his work to be presented in such a monumental exhibition at The Met's Costume Institute", CEO of the Karl Lagerfeld label Pier Paolo Righi shared after the announcement.

Pier Paolo Righi continued:

"As custodians of Karl's legacy, we aim to bring his passion, intuition, and inexhaustible creativity to life in everything we do. We cannot imagine a more poignant or meaningful way to celebrate his colossal achievements - both the enduring impact he's had on fashion and how it's shaping the future." The exhibit, which will open in early May 2023 and run through mid-July 2023, attempts to explore the designer's "stylistic language" through approximately 150 of his sketches, according to a press release issued by the Met.

The museum's showcases will feature Lagerfeld's creations from his time as artistic director of Chanel, Fendi and Chloe, pieces from his early work at Balmain and designs from his eponymous brand. As for the glamorous Gala evening, which, like every year, will be held on the first Monday in May and will mark the opening of the exhibition, more details and who will host the evening remain to be known.

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