Snoop Dogg launches a line of pet accessories


Snoop Dogg launches a line of pet accessories
Snoop Dogg launches a line of pet accessories

Rapper Snoop Dog answered our prayers and launched a pet clothing brand, Snoop Doggie Dogs, to take care of our furry best friends. Our pets can now live like royalty as the range is inspired by the rapper's extravagant lifestyle.

To create the collection, the rapper teamed up with Little Earth Productions, a brand from Pennsylvania that specializes in the production of things for pets. The first Snoop Doggie Doggs line includes 28 items designed for dogs and cats.

Snoop Dogg said that he and his wife Shant have always loved animals. The musician noted that their "devotion to pets continues to grow along with our love for our children and grandchildren." “If my dogs ain’t fresh I ain’t fresh,” Snoop said in a news release published on Thursday.

“These dogs and their apparel are a reflection of Tha Dogg himself, so they gotta look the role of a Top Dog, ya dig?!?!” The first capsule collection includes pullovers, toys, bowls, playful sweaters and sweatshirts, bandanas, caps, jackets and hats.

One of the flagship items is a large metal gold bowl, and the hooded sweatshirt in black comes with a massive gold chain inspired by rap culture.

Co-Founder of Little Earth Productions released a statement

"Snoop Dogg was, without a question, the most fitting and amazing partner we could think of in the dog and pet space," said Rob Brandegee, Co-Founder of Little Earth Productions, Inc.

"Snoop's personality and authenticity are undeniably evident in our creative pet product offerings, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share the new Snoop Doggie Doggs brand with you ahead of the holidays – it's the perfect holiday gift for pet owners this season.

Talk about a holiday treat." "Having worked with Snoop for the better part of two decades, it's always been about expanding his brand while remaining authentic to his consumers and fans," said Constance Schwartz-Morini, CEO of SMAC Entertainment. "The launch of Snoop Doggie Doggs is the perfect addition to the Broadus empire."

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