Nearly 170 thousand dollars was billed by Nusret's Salt Bae restaurant


Nearly 170 thousand dollars was billed by Nusret's Salt Bae restaurant

Turkish chef and butcher Nusret Gokce posted a photo of the bill amount from his restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Namely, the guests paid almost 170 thousand dollars. The bill stated that 14 people ate dinner. Some of the dishes they ordered were: beef carpaccio, "golden Ottoman" steak, "golden Istanbul" steak, "golden" baklava, etc.

They drank Petrus wine, Negroni cocktails, and Lous XIII cognac...

"Quality never expensive," Nusret wrote in the description of the photo.

Although rich people apparently have no problem spending a lot of money on dinner, many of Nusret's followers were bothered by the fact that he was bragging about the figure he earned.

"How much do you pay your waiters? $15 an hour?" wrote one Instagram user. "It's not quality, it's stealing from people. The prices are catastrophic," added another. "They don't pay for the quality of your food, but for their own stupidity," is also one of the comments.

We remind you that in June, Nusret's restaurant in London was declared one of the worst. Visitors think that the food is not worth the expensive prices. Nine months after opening its doors in Knightsbridge, London, the restaurant has taken 17,418.

place out of a total of 17,488 restaurants in London, with an average rating of two stars. It has also received a total of 73 "terrible" visitor ratings to date, along with 9 ratings that characterize it as "poor", 5 were "average", 3 were "very good" and 28 were "excellent".

The restaurant took the 265th place out of a total of 265 steakhouses in the British capital. One review from a disappointed guest on Tripadvisor points out that "although the obvious specialty is the meat - it's dry, dry, dry".

"Obviously, Salt Bae skimps on the salt—as well as every other type of flavor," the review states. In other comments of dissatisfied visitors, it was pointed out that eating food in this restaurant is a "waste of money" and serves only "bragging on social networks".

This is not the first time the steakhouse has made headlines. Its opening was one of the most followed in the media, but not because of the quality but because of the "extortionate prices". The price of a Golden Giant Tomahawk steak, for example, is £1,450, while a Golden Giant Striplion steak costs £1,350.

Tripadvisor has also been called to account after allegedly deleting bad restaurant reviews after a restaurant bill of over £1,800 went viral in 2021.

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