New Year's Eve dinner at Gordon Ramsay costs £400 per person


New Year's Eve dinner at Gordon Ramsay costs £400 per person
New Year's Eve dinner at Gordon Ramsay costs £400 per person

Professional British chef Gordon Ramsay has published his price list for New Year's Eve, and it is immediately clear that those who want to treat themselves to his specialties will have to shell out a real small fortune. Some people have already started planning their New Year's holidays, so many offers are already available in restaurants and other places to see off 2022.

British chef Gordon Ramsay also published his menu, which surprised again with the dizzying range of prices that those who decide to indulge in this luxury should shell out. In one of his restaurants in London, which also has three Michelin stars, the New Year's dinner costs a dizzying 400 pounds per person (900 KM).

Drinks are not included in the dinner, so if you decide to add wine to your meal, it will cost you an additional £275. So, when everything is put together, the price of the New Year's meal at the famous British restaurant is 675 pounds per person.

Judging by the restaurant's menu, Ramsay will serve visitors, among other things, a specialty called "Duck tea", as well as lobster, chives, and baked veal pastry. Additionally, in 2020, the chef's Instagram post promoting his Christmas menu at Bread Street Kitchen was quickly criticized by critics.

Gordon captioned the post:

" Christmas dinner sorted," but fans weren't convinced. One said: "I would have walked out. The name means nothing, it's all in the food." While another added: "I would be so disappointed if that was the best I could come up with for Christmas Dinner." And a third wrote: "Looks quite bland no finesse looks incomplete." Interestingly, last year Ramsay charged £320 per person for dinner at his posh restaurant, excluding drinks, which has already drawn criticism for the exorbitant prices. This, however, did not prevent him from increasing them further this year.

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