Top 5 most expensive houses!


Top 5 most expensive houses!

1. Antilla, Mumbai – $1 billion Mukesh Ambani's house (or rather, the building) is the world's most expensive house, and it's worth about 1 billion dollars. South Mumbai's impressive building has 27 floors and 4,532 square meters of floor space.

Equipment-wise, this house cannot be compared with any other. Crystal ceilings, nine elevators, a helipad, a cinema room for 50 people, a ballroom, three floors of hanging gardens, several swimming pools, a wellness center and yoga studio, as well as 600 staff members (one of whom makes ice cream in a separate room) make this one of the most expensive houses in the world.

There are also 150 parking spaces in the garage of the house. Is there a reason for 150 parking spaces? There are 168 cars in the house whose owner owns. 2. Villa Leopolda, Cote d'Azur, France - $525 million Currently, Villa Leopolda, the residence of Lilly Safire, the widow of French banker Edmond Safire, is second on the list of the most expensive houses in the world (half the price of the top house).

There are 19 bedrooms in the villa, as well as all sports fields (including bowling alleys), a mini cinema, several kitchens and dining rooms, and several swimming pools.

3. One Hyde Park – The Penthouse, London – 200 million dollars

London's number 1 Hyde Park would not make this house so pricey.

There is absolutely nothing missing from this penthouse, which was built for the very rich. There will be no mention of the standard offer of more luxurious bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Among its features are bulletproof windows, SAS guards, a secret tunnel leading to the Mandarin Hotel, iris scanners, and even a panic room.

Additionally, the building features squash courts, a wine tasting room, a wellness center, etc. 4. Fairfield Pond, The Hamptons - $180 million With a surface area of 242,811 square meters, this is the largest plot of land in all of America.

There are 29 incredible bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, 5 bowling alleys, several sports courts, multiple swimming pools (indoors and outdoors), etc... In addition, there is a $150,000 Jacuzzi somewhere in it. Its owner is Ira Rennert, who lives near the sea.

5. Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills - $165 million This stately mansion, once the home of American publishing giant William Randolph Hearst, was also used in the filming of The Godfather and where John F. Kennedy spent his honeymoon.

It is worth $165 million and was once used in the filming of The Godfather. There are 29 bedrooms in the house, as well as 3 swimming pools (including a Roman bath) and many other interesting rooms. In spite of the fact that the main building is now a museum, the smaller building is offered as a place for the rich and famous to rest. David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are the first neighbors, which might be liked by someone.