The most expensive yachts: Details


The most expensive yachts: Details
The most expensive yachts: Details

Over the past couple of decades, the luxury yacht industry has literally boomed. There are currently between 5,000 and 6,000 mega-yachts sailing the world's oceans. Monstrosities like these are equipped with swimming pools, jacuzzis, marble and mahogany, as well as decompression chambers.

Previously, we featured Larry Ellison's floating city, Musashi, owned by the yacht. It measured ninety meters in length and was named after the most famous samurai of Japanese history. According to reports, it cost its owner over 130 million dollars.

Bars can be much more expensive than you think!


The silver monstrosity dubbed "Eclipse" is aptly named, as it causes men to develop acute feelings of envy. Roman Abramovich owns the vessel, which is 122 meters long and worth half a billion dollars.

An oligarch from Russia bought this yacht in 2008, a time when the world was suffering from recession. He received three helicopters with associated runways, six auxiliary boats, and, watch out, three submarines... Furthermore, armor made of bulletproof material, glass, will be useful in times of war, pirate attacks, and similar incidents.

bulletproof and advanced torpedo detection system. It boasts 5,000 square meters of perverse luxury inside: if you get tired of watching movies in the home theater as big as a circus arena, sipping "Dom Perignon" at the black marble bar, frolicking in the amber colored pool or relaxing in the wellness center, you can hop on one of the twenty jet skis available and set off on an adventure on the waves.

A bath is literally possible with the owner's favorite dish, the most expensive caviar: at least three mummies could be packed in one box! Vertigo The media mogul Rupert Murdoch has acquired ships, yachts, barges and boats over a period of three lifetimes.

A mere mortal would be dizzy at the sight of his pet, the yacht Vertigo. Phillipe Briand designed it, and it offers all the opulence you can imagine at sixty-eight meters. Murdoch's $300 million yacht is decorated simply, yet elegantly and luxuriously, as he hates kitsch.

Photographs of the tycoon's other vessels and orchids in narrow crystal vases break up the monotony of black and white colors. It looks like the decadent boudoir of a decadent monarch, furnished with brocade-woven cushions and a heavy silk canopy.

The bathroom is dominated by a massage tub that could easily fit a small elephant, the sink is made of jade, and the towel holders are made of pure gold. In order for grandfather not to be bothered by the light, the special hydraulic windows darken at the touch of a switch.

Two top chefs constantly travel with him, and the tycoon enjoys delicacies such as duck in wine and chocolate mousse with gold leaves in the lantern-lit dining room.