History Supreme, the most luxurious yacht in the world

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History Supreme, the most luxurious yacht in the world

History Supreme, worth 4.5 billion dollars, is the most expensive yacht ever, a mix of luxury, exclusivity and beauty, unattainable and ready to amaze anyone who sees it for the first time. She is a 30 meter long yacht. The luxurious interior of the boat contains a total of 100,000 kg of gold and platinum.

But not only gold and platinum, because there are really many special materials, such as meteorite fragments that make up an entire wall of the master bedroom.

Inside there are also some Tyrannosaurus Rex bones used for the composition of a statue.

Then there are other details that have made the difference, such as a bottle of liquor with an 18.5-carat diamond worth 42 million euros set inside it, an iPhone covered with 500 diamonds and with a power button consisting of turn from a 7.4 carat pink diamond.

History Supreme, the most luxurious yacht in the world

There is also a 24-karat gold wall aquarium, lamps, handles and furnishing accessories also in gold. A thin layer of gold covers the hull, deck, stairs and anchor. In total, therefore, it is estimated that the total weight of metal and diamonds used is around one hundredweight.

To complete the construction of such an ambitious project it took three years of work, followed by the British designer Stuart Hughes. The project was commissioned by Robert Knok, the richest man in Malaysia. Launched in 2011, the History Supreme immediately focused attention on itself by virtue of construction materials.

In short, the most unbridled luxury, with everything that started with the desire to make the yacht-motorboat a sort of floating gallery in which to exhibit the most exclusive works of art in the world. In summary, in addition to gold and platinum, on Robert Kuok's yacht there is the remnant of a meteorite that fell to Earth about two million years ago and used for the saloon walls.

But the master bedroom bed, which is made from the bones of a Tirannosaurus Rex found in Arizona, does not go unnoticed either. Incredible. Finally, remember that among the largest and most expensive luxury yachts in the world there is also the Eclipse, which belongs to one of the richest people in the world, the Russian businessman, Roman Abramovich.