Streets of Monaco, 1 billion dollar yacht, you will be STUNNING!

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Streets of Monaco, 1 billion dollar yacht, you will be STUNNING!

Streets of Monaco, a yacht conceived by Yacht Island Design, will be what could be the prototype of the luxury yacht of the future. Above all thanks to a luxurious, innovative and extravagant design. The name is not a coincidence: the design of the yacht foresees that it is a miniature Principality of Monaco, which travels on the sea.

Inside you will find the Monte Carlo Casino, the Hotel de Paris, La Rascasse, Loews Hotes and the Cafe de Paris. In addition to this, swimming pools, tennis courts, a café-bar with an underwater view, a mini waterfall, helicopters and a submarine.

Price: $ 1 billion. Among the many extravagances, there will obviously be the miniature Formula 1 circuit of Monte Carlo, large enough to be ridden by go-karts. Aft there will be a large area known as The Oasis.

Streets of Monaco, 1 billion dollar yacht, you will be STUNNING!

According to the designers, it will be modeled taking into consideration the gardens in front of the Casino of Monaco. Inside there will also be a library and a cinema for guests to use. Yacht Island Design has produced many yacht concepts similar to islands or famous places, just like this Streets of Monaco.

Another interesting creation of theirs is a concept of a yacht inspired by the islands of the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. The projects presented by Yacht Island Design regarding the Streets of Monaco are not executive projects ready for realization.

Below a concept:

The interior of the Streets of Monaco yacht will be as luxurious as the exterior.

The designers were in fact inspired by the luxury world of Monte Carlo for the interior settings of this yacht. Upstairs, where there will be a reproduction of the city, there will be something that will be similar to a beach.

As mentioned, you can enjoy the postcard landscape of Montecarlo. You can have the Monte Carlo Casino, like the Hotel de Paris. In addition, there will be the Rascasse, the church of Santa Devota and the café de Paris.