The new hotel on Richard Branson's private island costs $19,000 per night


The new hotel on Richard Branson's private island costs $19,000 per night
The new hotel on Richard Branson's private island costs $19,000 per night

Moskito Island, which is owned by the famous businessman Richard Branson, is open to guests, but judging by the prices, only those with the "deepest pockets" will visit it. It is a Caribbean island where a property called the Village Estate has been opened, and guests have at their disposal nine bedrooms in the form of cabins, a two-story pool with a slide, and much more.

This is just one of Branson's four properties on this island, which is also close to his Necker Island. The new property has a fantastic view of the sea and is located on the westernmost tip of the island. A night for one person costs 19,000 dollars, and that's when it's not the peak of the season, and the hotel can accommodate up to 18 guests.

It is equipped with futuristic technology and unusual contents that guarantee a special experience.

Moskito Island provides luxurious moments

"A decade in the making, The Village Estate takes luxury to new heights, much like its sister estates, with an impressively striking design, state-of-the-art creative amenities, and unspoiled panoramic views in the most private of settings," Jon Brown, managing director at Virgin Limited Edition, said in a statement released to Travel + Leisure.

"Moskito Island knows no limit when it comes to providing incomparable, luxurious moments, and adding The Village to our collection further amplifies our position as the leaders of luxury in the Caribbean." Each of the mentioned nine rooms has a bathroom, a private living area, and spacious terraces.

The best room is actually the two-story master suite, which has a circular design and a full-length terrace. Designed for party-goers, it features a glass-bottom pool that goes over the edge of the cliff. The bar is part of the main facility, and guests have access to a gym, movie theater, tennis courts, water sports center, and a full-service private beach.

Delicious food is provided by private chefs, while spa treatments are offered for relaxation. At Manchioneel Beach, picnics or candlelit dinners can be held, and cooking classes are also offered. Many foods are grown in the island's gardens and are always fresh.

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