Bryan Kohberger: How Did He Pull Off the Idaho Murders?

A new series explores bizarre and unexplained mysteries.

by Zain ul Abedin
Bryan Kohberger: How Did He Pull Off the Idaho Murders?
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Killer Bryan Kohberger is accused of breaking into a house with a knife and stabbing four people dead while six persons and a dog were in the three-story house. This raises the question: Kovacs asked how a first-time killer could pull off such a feat.

Among the strange and suspicious stories that are yet to be explained, is the one explored in the new series of TMZ Studios ‘Strange & Suspicious,’ airing on Monday at twelve FOX stations. Compared to all the other murder cases, Idaho has many unsolved issues.

The murder suspects claimed that Kohberger fatally attacked Goncalves and Mogen on the third floor. He then descended to the basement where he is said to have slaughtered Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin. Ironically, Kohberger met one of the two survivors but was apparently too cowardly to kill her before escaping the crime scene.

To the question of why this all happened, many questions can be raised, all of them sounding rather strange. Kohberger was in the coursework for a master’s degree program in criminal justice. Another question is how he undertook the risk nobody would yell, thereby attracting attention to overcome him?, How was he able to safeguard himself from the dog that could possibly bite him? Why didn’t he wait if his target was one of the women outside the house when the other members of her family were also in the house?

Intriguing Mysteries Unveiled

These questions underline the intrigue of this case as the observer witnesses.

It is with such interest that ‘Strange & Suspicious’ seeks to establish these and other fascinating narratives including strange things in the sky, dead-end investigations and other peculiarities. These complications are going to reveal about some of the hardest mysteries explored in this series.

Having looked at the above-mentioned series, potential viewers should brace themselves for a detailed insight into the Idaho murder case, as well as many more bizarre incidents. As one of the largest visual arts expositions focusing on the unseen, “Strange & Suspicious” is all set to enthral audience with a detective-style approach and engaging narratives.

The first episode of “Strange & Suspicious” airs on FOX stations – Monday, be sure to tune in and participate in the search for answers for some of the biggest unsolved questions about these peculiar incidents.