Trump's PAC Spends $230K Daily on Legal Fees in February

Amid campaign efforts, Trump faces multifaceted legal challenges.

by Zain ul Abedin
Trump's PAC Spends $230K Daily on Legal Fees in February
© Joe Raedle/Getty Images

As February unfolded, Donald Trump's campaign efforts against Joe Biden began to pick up pace, yet the financial strain of his legal battles became increasingly evident. The "Save America" leadership PAC, primarily serving as a legal fund for Trump, reported a significant outlay of $5.6 million in lawyer fees, according to the latest Federal Election Commission filings.

This expenditure significantly overshadows the $5 million raised by the PAC within the same timeframe, underlining the heavy financial demands of Trump's legal defenses. Further straining the PAC's resources, an additional amount exceeding $500,000 in fees was deferred to Alina Habba, Trump's attorney in significant New York court defeats this year.

Moreover, a $645,000 expense was incurred for a firm handling legal documentation in his business fraud case. Save America also made a notable $150,000 donation to the Article III Project, a conservative judicial advocacy group, alongside a payment of $18,000 to Melania Trump's fashion designer, Herve Pierre Braillard.

The total legal-related disbursements for February from Save America reached an astounding $6.9 million, averaging around $238,000 daily. By the month's end, the PAC reported a dwindling balance of just over $4 million, spotlighting the extensive use of donor funds for legal matters rather than campaign activities.

Trump's Legal Cash Crunch

The financial disclosures reveal the significant diversion of Trump's campaign resources towards legal entanglements at a critical juncture, with Biden ramping up his campaign through a robust fundraising effort.

Trump's legal challenges span multiple fronts, including his 2020 election interference case in Washington D.C., the classified documents case in Florida, the Stormy Daniels hush money lawsuit, and a civil fraud case in New York.

Despite receiving a $5 million monthly refund from the "MAGA Inc." super PAC to alleviate legal expenses, the financial strain persists. The arrangement, totaling an unprecedented $60 million, is set to conclude by May's end.

Interestingly, February saw payments to William Sturges LLP, a British law firm previously unengaged by federal political committees, according to FEC data. Meanwhile, Trump's campaign finance report listed $933,000 in legal expenditures, with the campaign holding $33.5 million.

While the Trump campaign experienced a $3 million gain, it's challenging to ascertain the total fundraising due to delayed disclosures from another committee. This scenario starkly contrasts with Biden's campaign, which, along with the Democratic Party, boasts a significant cash advantage, having raised $53 million in February alone.

MAGA Inc.' s February contributions amounted to $12.7 million, with notable donations from real estate mogul Robert Bigelow and others, underscoring the continued financial backing despite the escalating legal and campaign finance complexities.