Jonathan Majors' Domestic Violence Trial Starts

Majors' Court Appearance Marks Critical Trial Phase.

by Nouman Rasool
Jonathan Majors' Domestic Violence Trial Starts
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In a high-profile case drawing significant attention, Marvel actor Jonathan Majors appeared in a New York courtroom on Wednesday, marking the beginning of his trial on domestic violence charges. At 34, Majors is facing allegations of misdemeanor assault and harassment related to an incident in March involving his former partner, Grace Jabbari.

Entering a plea of not guilty, Majors faces the possibility of up to a year in prison if convicted. The actor, known for his roles in "Ant-Man" and "Loki," arrived at the criminal court clad in a long black coat and sunglasses, accompanied by his current girlfriend, actress Meagan Good, and his defense attorney, Priya Chaudhry.

Notably, Majors held a Bible in his left hand as he entered the courtroom.

Jury Selection Begins

The day's proceedings were set to begin with jury selection, following the resolution of pretrial motions. A key focus of these motions is the potential inclusion of testimony from "prior bad act witnesses" – women who have previously accused Majors of similar misconduct, although these accusations are not part of the current misdemeanor charges.

Majors' arrest came after a 911 call led police to a domestic dispute in Manhattan. The criminal complaint accuses Majors of physically assaulting Jabbari, alleging he twisted her arm, struck her head, and pushed her into a vehicle.

Jabbari received treatment for minor injuries, including a cut to her ear. In a dramatic twist, Majors has refuted the assault claims and filed a cross-complaint against Jabbari, claiming he was the actual victim. His attorney, Chaudhry, has been vocal in defending Majors, stating in August, "For an excruciating four months, Jonathan Majors, the real victim in this shameful ordeal, has had his life, career, and reputation torn apart." She emphasized Majors' unwavering determination to clear his name.

Chaudhry previously attempted to delay the trial, criticizing the prosecution for delayed evidence submission. In a separate development, Jabbari faced arrest in October on multiple charges in New York, but the Manhattan district attorney's office later dropped these charges, citing a lack of prosecutorial merit.

Majors' career accomplishments include an Emmy nomination for "Lovecraft Country" and starring roles in "Creed III," "Da 5 Bloods," and "The Harder They Fall." He is also set to appear as Kang the Conqueror in upcoming "Avengers" films, continuing his prominent presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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