Jamie Foxx Faces Molestation Allegations

Recent Lawsuit Reveals Disturbing Claims Against Prominent Actor.

by Nouman Rasool
Jamie Foxx Faces Molestation Allegations
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Acclaimed actor Jamie Foxx, known for his roles in films like "Ray" and "Collateral," is currently facing serious allegations of molestation, according to a recent lawsuit detailed in a report by TMZ on November 22. The incident, dating back to August 2015, reportedly took place at the popular New York City hotspot, Catch NYC & Roof.

The plaintiff, whose identity remains undisclosed, claimed she was dining at the restaurant when she noticed Foxx. Around 1 a.m., upon her friend's request, Foxx allegedly agreed to take a photo with them, reportedly making comments such as "Sure, baby anything for you," complimenting her supermodel-like physique, and remarking on her scent.

Alleged Rooftop Assault

The lawsuit further alleges that the Oscar-winning actor took the woman by the arm to a different part of the rooftop, where he molested her. The complaint details Foxx reaching under her top, inappropriately touching her breasts, and placing his hand inside her pants to touch her genitals.

The assault reportedly ceased when her friend intervened.

Accusations and Aftermath

As a result of the alleged incident, the plaintiff claims she had to seek medical treatment for her injuries and has suffered emotional trauma.

Despite these serious accusations, Foxx, who was in a high-profile relationship with actress Katie Holmes from 2013 to 2019, has not publicly responded to the allegations. E! News reported that they reached out to Foxx's representative for a statement but received no immediate response.

Earlier this year, Foxx, 55, faced a personal health scare that led to hospitalization. He broke his silence about the situation in July, expressing gratitude for the support and prayers he received. On social media, Foxx shared his journey, emphasizing his desire to be seen in a positive light, engaging in his usual activities like acting and humor, rather than in a compromised health state. He refuted rumors of paralysis or blindness, acknowledging, however, the challenges he faced during this period.

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