Paul Pelosi Testifies on Home Invasion and Assault During Trial

Assault Case Nears Climax with Victim's Harrowing Testimony

by Nouman Rasool
Paul Pelosi Testifies on Home Invasion and Assault During Trial
© Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

In a San Francisco courtroom, the harrowing narrative of a politically-motivated home invasion and subsequent assault was laid bare by Paul Pelosi, 83, who provided a chilling witness testimony. Mr. Pelosi, the spouse of House Representative Nancy Pelosi, detailed the terrifying events of an October evening when an assailant, fueled by conspiracy theories, forced entry into their residence.

The assailant, identified as David DePape, a 43-year-old Canadian national residing in the Bay Area, faced the court on charges of kidnapping and assault. Mr. Pelosi, summoning remarkable composure, recounted the moment the intruder brandished a hammer and zip ties while demanding the whereabouts of his wife.

The encounter escalated to violence, resulting in Mr. Pelosi sustaining a serious skull fracture, an assault that was documented on responding officers' body cameras.

Trial Concludes Prosecution

The trial, drawing national attention, marked the conclusion of the prosecution's case against DePape, who has entered a plea of not guilty despite the weighty evidence and the severe implications of his purported intent to abduct and maim the former House speaker.

DePape, who could receive a life sentence if convicted, listened as Mr. Pelosi described the calculated calm he maintained while engaging with the intruder and alerting law enforcement from his bathroom. DePape's alleged plan, as relayed to authorities, was to hold Nancy Pelosi hostage and enforce an admission of the illegitimacy of the 2020 presidential election results, a belief unsupported by fact and rooted in political misinformation.

The assault on Mr. Pelosi reached its brutal apex as DePape struck him repeatedly with a hammer upon the arrival of police at the Pelosi residence. Throughout his testimony, Mr. Pelosi shared the lasting impact of the trauma, including persistent headaches and dizziness, a recovery process that he has largely kept to himself.

"Waking up in a pool of blood" was among the few memories he had post-attack before being transported urgently to the hospital. The emotional weight of the incident was palpable as Mr. Pelosi expressed his reluctance to revisit the night's events, stating, "I’ve made the best effort possible to not relive this." The trial, set to progress to jury deliberation, continues to unfold as a stark reminder of the perils of political extremism and misinformation, with the victim's testimony underscoring the personal toll of such violent acts.