The President of Brazil criticized Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky


The President of Brazil criticized Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky

A lot of attention is being paid to the situation in Ukraine, and the whole world is hoping that it can reach a resolution to the war there despite everything that is going on. The fact remains, however, that Vladimir Putin and his associates have no plans to stop the war and will not stop invading Ukraine.

In order to realize his ideas and plans, Putin is ready to use all the resources at his disposal. In fact, we must be honest and admit that Putin is a big loser for now, since he was unable to achieve even 20% of what he had envisioned for himself.

The Russians are not to be written off, however, it is to be hoped that they will not have the strength that will allow them to win this battle. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the Brazilian president, has reacted to the current situation and Russia's aggression in his speech.

Lula believes that Putin must feel the consequences of his actions. "War is not necessary. Well, what does Putin want? Putin cannot keep the country in Ukraine. Maybe there will be no discussion about Crimea, but everything that he attacked again will have to be reconsidered," said Lula.

Lula's statement

However, the president of Brazil believes that Zelensky is wrong, considering that NATO made a big mistake. It is exactly what Putin has spoken about over and over again, and many are wondering if it is just the Russian president's alibi for his actions.

"Even Zelensky cannot have everything he thinks he wants. NATO will not be able to station its troops on the border. These are all things that we have to put on the negotiating table," said the president of Brazil. Lula emphasized that many countries can have a great influence in stopping this war.

The question is how much will and desire they have for it. "The Brazilian leader understands that China, the US, Brazil and countries like India and Indonesia are in a position to mediate in ending the conflict,"

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