"They tried to kill me," Boris Becker made shocking revelations!


"They tried to kill me," Boris Becker made shocking revelations!

On CNN, the former German tennis legend Becker bluntly described one of the toughest moments of his life. Becker explained: "You only value freedom after being incarcerated, let me tell you. It's a different lifestyle, it's a different world.

I've been gone for more than three months now and I'm happy to be here alive and talking to you. It's a very dangerous place. I watched a couple of movies beforehand just to prepare myself a bit, but I didn't expect it like this.

It's very scary. It's a real punishment. The only currency you have is your character and your personality and you better make friends with the strong guys because you need protection, you need a group of people who take care of you." In an interview with German TV Sat1 he added also another scary particular of his life in prison.

In fact he said: "They tried to kill me. I've learned to live in the present, because you don't know what you'll find around the corner next week. I think this was the most important lesson for me."

What happened

On February 21, Boris Becker presented the documentary dedicated to his career at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival.

Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker. The title of the film product, which will be released on the Apple TV platform on April 7, immediately reveals the intentions of not only and exclusively speaking of the successes that have characterized the tennis career of the former German champion, but also of the off-court events of which talked about a lot in recent years.

Becker was in fact sentenced to two and a half years in prison for fraudulent bankruptcy and served part of his sentence at HMP Wandsworth. The case involved a debt contracted years ago with private bank Arbuthnot Latham & Co and other lenders.