Ex-Formula 1 Queen Arrested for Drug Possession

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Ex-Formula 1 Queen Arrested for Drug Possession
Ex-Formula 1 Queen Arrested for Drug Possession

Japanese authorities apprehended model Jessica Michibata in connection with possession of the synthetic drug MDMA, according to sources intimately acquainted with the investigation. The former "queen of Formula 1," 38-year-old Michibata was detained in a Tokyo hotel where she was residing when a customs officer discovered narcotics concealed within a parcel originating overseas.

Michibata's Family Responds to Allegations

In the aftermath of the arrest, Michibata's sisters, Karen and Angelica, took to social media to address the scandal. Karen expressed her disbelief and apologized for the inconvenience caused by her younger sister's partner, writing on her Instagram account, "I am still in disbelief and have yet to speak to her, I hope there was a mistake.

But if the reports are true, it's something that shouldn't have happened." Angelica, on the other hand, conveyed her anxiety and remorse for the family's role in the controversy. "Sorry for the scandal that has caused, I am very worried," she stated.

"But I leave everything in the hands of lawyers and the police, so we will wait for the results." Police investigators searched the hotel specified as the delivery location, which resulted in the arrest of two additional individuals.

Born in Japan, Michibata is represented by the agency Revive and currently resides in the United States.

Memories of Jenson Button

Michibata gained notoriety as the former "queen of Formula 1" due to her marriage to ex-driver and Formula 1 champion Jenson Button.

The couple, who first crossed paths in a Tokyo bar, embarked on their romantic journey together in 2008, eventually tying the knot in a dazzling ceremony in December 2014, only to find themselves parting ways as they amicably finalized their divorce just a year later, in 2015.

Punishment in Japan for Drug Offenses

While Japan does not enforce the death penalty for drug-related crimes, the nation imposes stringent sanctions for possession or trafficking of illicit substances. Consequences vary depending on the quantity of contraband seized, with an average sentence of six years in prison accompanied by arduous labor and a corresponding financial penalty.