Russia asked Serbia to declare: Did you send weapons to Ukraine?


Russia asked Serbia to declare: Did you send weapons to Ukraine?

A number of rumors have been going around that Serbia has delivered a large amount of weapons to Ukraine recently. In response to such rumors, which seem to be false, the Ministry of Defense of Serbia has issued a statement.

As a matter of fact, they confirmed that they have never provided weapons to anybody since the start of the war. "Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, none of our rockets, mines or missiles have been delivered in such a way that one of the parties to the conflict would be the end user.

Therefore, companies from Serbia have not delivered weapons or military equipment to Ukraine," The Ministry of Defense of Serbia said. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia also reacted immediately and asked the appropriate persons in Serbia to answer whether or not this is true, taking into consideration that such things can very well have a negative impact on the relations between Russia and Serbia.

"We have already asked Belgrade to clarify this position. The facts should be revealed not through the media, through the Telegram channel or by leaking information, but through the officially stated position. This is an extremely important topic for bilateral relations," the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Marija Zaharova said.

The Serbian Defense Minister reacted

Serbian Defense Minister Miloš Vucevic also tried to explain the things that are currently happening. Vucevic emphasized that Serbia cannot regulate all the things that are happening.

"Whether private companies buy on third markets and sell to companies in other countries is not a question for Serbia - it is international trade. For us, it can be an interesting intelligence in terms of information, not a legal obligation or regulation,"-said Vucevic in the National Assembly.

There is a chance that Serbia really sent weapons, but it is difficult to find out all the facts. If the rumors are true, their relationship could undergo a significant change in the near future.