FBI Investigates Jho Low's Ties to Leonardo DiCaprio and Kim Kardashian

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FBI Investigates Jho Low's Ties to Leonardo DiCaprio and Kim Kardashian
FBI Investigates Jho Low's Ties to Leonardo DiCaprio and Kim Kardashian

As part of the ongoing investigation into the notorious Malaysian financier Jho Low, the FBI has questioned both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kim Kardashian, according to newly released documents. The report from Bloomberg Businessweek sheds new light on the federal agency's pursuit of information in its case against the enigmatic Low, who has been implicated in a major fund embezzlement scandal.

Kim Kardashian's Ties to Jho Low

The FBI sought information from the celebrities regarding their involvement with Low. According to a recent report from Bloomberg Businessweek, Kardashian told the FBI in 2019 that she was once in Las Vegas with a group, including Low and two "Wolves of Wall Street," in a private room after five in the morning.

The reality TV star shared with the FBI that she was handed $250,000 in "a trash bag full of one hundred dollar bills," after cashing out at the casino counter. Kardashian went on to explain that she tried to return the money to Low but he insisted that it was hers to keep.

The FBI report notes that she was later given another $100,000 in another trash bag during another trip to Las Vegas to party with Low. The FBI documents also reveal that in 2014, Low had offered to give Kardashian a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting.

However, her then-husband Kanye West allegedly made her text Low to decline the offer, stating that they preferred Monet instead. Additionally, the FBI learned that in 2011, Low gave Kardashian $305,000 as a wedding gift, which she used to purchase a white Ferrari.

The FBI's Pursuit of Jho Low

This latest revelation adds to the growing body of evidence against Low in the FBI's quest to bring him to justice. As the investigation continues, it remains to be seen what other information the federal agency may uncover about the elusive financier and his network of associates.

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