Fashion Icon Abby Choi Found Dead in Shocking Murder Case


Fashion Icon Abby Choi Found Dead in Shocking Murder Case

The fashion and social media world is in mourning following the shocking murder of 28-year-old model and influencer Abby Choi. In a case that has shaken the public in China, parts of Choi's body were discovered in a soup pot, leading to the arrest of her ex-husband, Alex Kwong, his brother Anthony, and their father, Kwong Kau.

Their mother, Jenny Li, was also arrested for obstructing the investigation.

A Familiar Face in the Fashion World

With over 100,000 followers on Instagram, Choi shared her glamorous life of photo shoots and fashion shows with the world.

Her last post, on February 19th, featured a photoshoot she did with L’Officiel Monaco, a well-known fashion publication. Tragically, just two days later, she was reported missing, and a police investigation was launched.

A Brutal and Horrific Discovery

Two days after her disappearance, parts of Choi's body were discovered in a house in the Tai Po neighborhood.

The Kowloon Court has refused bail for the accused and adjourned the case until May 8th to allow for further investigation. A meat cleaver, an electric saw, and several pieces of clothing were also found in the house, according to police reports.

Choi was a mother of four children, two sons aged 10 and 3, and two daughters aged 8 and 6. Her friend Bernard Cheng spoke about her kind and loving nature, saying that "She was the type of person that wouldn't have enemies." Her current husband, Chris Tam, was quoted by NBC NEWS as saying, "When Abby was alive, she was a very kind person and always wanted to help people.

I feel anyone who had a chance to be her family or her friend are blessed."

A Shocking Killing in Hong Kong"

Choi's murder is one of the most shocking killings Hong Kong has seen in recent years, with comparisons being made to the brutal 2013 murder where a man killed his parents and their heads were later found in refrigerators.

In another famous 1999 case, a woman was kidnapped and tortured by three members of an organized crime group before her death, her skull later being found stuffed in a Hello Kitty doll. As the fashion world mourns the loss of a talented and kind-hearted individual, the public waits for justice to be served in this horrific and tragic case. Abby Choi's life, cut short by violence, will not be forgotten by those who knew and loved her.