Joe Biden supported Moldovan President Maia Sandu


Joe Biden supported Moldovan President Maia Sandu

US President Joe Biden caused huge reactions after his speech in Warsaw. Biden stands firmly with Ukraine in their fight against Russia. However, the American president did not forget to support other countries that are for democracy and peace.

"Democracies are getting stronger, not weaker. World autocracies are weaker, not stronger. In times of turmoil, people realize what is important and what they should fight for. People know it, you know it. You in Poland know better than anyone what means solidarity and the fight against oppression.

We remember how Warsaw was destroyed in World War II and what Poland had to go through under the communist regime," Biden said. Joe Biden supported Moldova as well as the Moldovan people. Biden put a personal accent on Maia Sanda, the Moldovan president, who is a symbol of the fight for peace.

"We want the people of Moldova to live in freedom. The determination of the Moldovan people to live in freedom, after gaining independence, brought them to the door of the European Union. President Maia Sandu is here with us today.

I am proud to be with you and the freedom-loving people of Moldova. Please you, give her a round of applause," Biden continued.

Russian and their plans

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the goals of the Russians in Moldova.

The information appeared that the Russians wanted to stage a coup d'état and install a pro-Russian government in Moldova. Maia Sandu also received such information from Ukrainian intelligence officers. Citizens of other countries close to Russia are also involved in the whole process.

"The documents we received from our Ukrainian partners reveal the locations and logistical aspects of the organization of this subversive act. The plan also includes the use of foreigners in the execution of violent acts. For example, the received documents contain instructions for citizens of Russia, Belarus, Serbia, and Montenegro on how move to Moldova," Sandu said a few days ago.

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