Volodymyr Zelensky: Russians in the East do not choose means


Volodymyr Zelensky: Russians in the East do not choose means

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is an example of how to fight for his people. Zelensky is doing his best in all fields to help his soldiers. Fierce fighting is currently taking place in the east of the country, where the Russians are choosing the means to achieve their goals and achieve victory.

The Ukrainians are still resisting, but they will have a difficult task in the coming days. "General Syrskyi is reporting instructions from Bakhmut and Lyman. There is fierce fighting going on. We are doing everything we can to support our guys.

The invaders are using a whole range of weapons against our guys there, including CS gas bombs, but it is very important, despite all the pressure on our forces, the front line has not changed," Zelensky said. The most important thing, for now, is that the Russians failed to break through the line of resistance.

"It is very important that the front line has not changed,"- Zelensky continued. The Russian Ministry, speaking about Bahut, gave some other information. "Just in the last two days, the attacking units have advanced more than 2.5 km to the fortified Ukrainian positions in the Artyomovsk region,"-they said.

Kahl on Putin's plans: Wants to gain as much advantage as possible

The head of Germany's foreign intelligence service BND Bruno Kahl spoke about Putin's plans. He believes that Russia does not want to sign any peace agreement.

His current goal is to achieve victory on some front lines, and the final goal could be known in the indefinite future. "There is no indication that Putin is willing to reach a peace agreement," -Bruno Kahl told RND. "Putin is now interested in ending the conflict on the battlefield and gaining as much advantage as possible there so that he can then perhaps dictate a peace agreement on his own terms at some point in the future,"-he said.

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