Vladimir Putin: That's how they USA destroyed Yugoslavia and Iraq


Vladimir Putin: That's how they USA destroyed Yugoslavia and Iraq

Vladimir Putin's speech in Moscow caused many reactions around the world. Of course, the most interesting are the reactions of American leaders and politicians. US President Joe Biden's National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, is one of the first to consider Putin's speech absurd.

Sullivan emphasized that no one has ever threatened Russia, especially not Ukraine. "No one is attacking Russia. The idea that Russia was threatened militarily by Ukraine or anyone else is completely absurd, that idea makes absolutely no sense," Jake Sullivan said, as quoted by AFP.

In today's speech, Vladimir Putin emphasized that the world "silently" watched the murders of Russians. Of course, Putin could not help, but to mention nuclear weapons. "The West only procrastinated and turned a blind eye to political murders and mistreatment of believers, supported Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

Before the special operation, there were talks between the West and Ukraine about the delivery of air defense and even nuclear weapons," Putin said.

Vladimir Putin on Yugoslavia and Iraq

Vladimir Putin emphasized that Americans have done similar things in other countries in the world.

As an example, he gave Yugoslavia, where wars and disintegration began in 1991. Another example was Iraq. "That's how they destroyed Yugoslavia, Iraq. They got used to everything being allowed to them. That's how they treat their own people.

They turned into a symbol of lies. We fight for our position and that in the modern world there should be no division into civilized countries and others," Putin said today. The Russian leader also mentioned the military bases America has around the world.

It is obvious that he was afraid (and still is) of their influence and the goals they had. "They even expanded NATO towards us. No country has as many military bases in the world as the USA. Look at the map, they have pushed them everywhere. They are doing it for some reason," he said.

Vladimir Putin