Joe Biden sent an interesting message to the people of Russia

"Putin doubts more about our unity, doubts about our perseverance"

by Sead Dedovic
Joe Biden sent an interesting message to the people of Russia

Joe Biden gave an interesting speech during his visit to Warsaw where he was direct about Putin and his plans "Autocrats understand only one word - no, no, no. No - you will not take my country, no - you will not take my freedom, no - you will not take my future," said Joe Biden.

"A year ago, the world was preparing for the fall of Kyiv. Well, I just came from a visit to Kyiv and I can say that Kyiv is strong. Kyiv is proud, it is big and most importantly, it is free" Biden emphasized that NATO looks much stronger than ever.

"Putin thought we would surrender, he was wrong. He thought NATO would turn into Finland, and instead, the NATOization of Finland and Sweden happened. NATO is more united than ever before." The American president will not give up his support for Ukraine.

"Putin doubts more about our unity, doubts about our perseverance. But there is no doubt. Our support for Ukraine will not give way and we will not get tired. The love of the Ukrainian people will prevail over Putin's desire for power and land.

It is about freedom,"

Message for Russians

He also had an interesting message for the citizens of Russia. "I am addressing the people of Russia. The USA and NATO do not want to destroy Russia, there is no conspiracy against Russia, as Putin said today.

This war is not a necessity but a tragedy. Putin can end the war with one sentence. A Russian victory would mean the end of Ukraine, that's why we worry about that Ukraine can defend itself," Biden said. He also emphasized how dangerous Putin's moves are.

"We stand with freedom. That's what Americans do and that's what Americans are.
Putin tried to starve Europe, prevent Ukraine from exporting food, cause a global food crisis. This would particularly affect African countries

The world is at a turning point, the decisions we make now will determine the coming decades. On one side is democracy, and on the other is a dictator who wants to destroy it," he said and added: There is no sweeter word than freedom and there is no higher goal than freedom."

Joe Biden