Russian oppositionist: Putin wants to destabilize the Balkans through Serbia

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Russian oppositionist: Putin wants to destabilize the Balkans through Serbia

Russian oppositionist Mikhail Khodorkovsky spoke about Vladimir Putin's plans, which are causing many people in the Balkans to fear. Namely, Putin will try to destabilize the Balkans through the 'brotherly state' of Serbia.

It is difficult to determine how much this will actually happen, but rumors have already started about it. Khodorkovsky gave an interesting analysis of the whole situation. "Fortunately, the Russians are idiots. They tried it in Montenegro and pushed that country away from them, lost their influence.

But you can't always count on the fact that they will always be idiots. After the sanctions, Russia's influence became smaller, for example, in Germany. But right-wing parties are Putin's natural partners. He knows that. And since the voters of the radical right usually support Putin, they don't even lose their support if Putin starts a war.

This should be carefully monitored," Khodorkovsky said for Standard.

Khodorkovksy on Putin's influence

Khodorkovsky revealed that the Russian president has power even in Austria. His influence is very strong, "Given the number of professional sleeper killers, it is much easier for Putin to kill someone in Austria than in any other European country," he continued.

Bulgarian journalist Hristo Grozev left Vienna. He is aware of the influence Putin has, not only on Austria but on all the countries of the world. "Putin's influence in Austria is enormous, and this is shown by the results of my "dossier" Center, which investigates his illegal influence on other countries.

I don't know how much Austria will want to play a role again like during the Cold War, when Vienna, so to speak, was the center of interaction of the intelligence services. When it was a place to circumvent sanctions. Due to today's integration of Europe, I am not sure how happy other countries would be if Austria took that role," he said for Serbian Blic.