Josep Borrell: The world must protect itself from Vladimir Putin


Josep Borrell: The world must protect itself from Vladimir Putin

There is a great deal of concern in the world at the moment regarding the situation in Ukraine, and they are particularly concerned about Vladimir Putin, as his next move is hard to predict at the moment. Josep Borrell, Vice-President of the European Commission and High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, published a blog post entitled "Peace and democracy demand the defeat of Putin's fabrication industry".

A conference organized by the EEAS, with numerous international experts on the subject of information manipulation and foreign interference, was held in Brussels last Tuesday, according to Borrell's blog. He emphasized the importance of stopping Putin's 'industry of lies' for peace and democracy throughout the world, not just in the EU.

Statements: We need to protect the world from Putin

"In times of the return of war to the European continent, when Ukraine counts tens of thousands of victims and millions of refugees, we are doing everything in our power to help Ukraine to defend itself and regain its full sovereignty.

The Ukrainian struggle for freedom does not concern only Europeans, but all people globally It is a fight in defense of international law and fundamental values that all countries accepted by signing the United Nations Charter," he said.

"In this context, we need to protect the EU and the world from Putin's deception industry. Putin not only started the war, but also created a powerful manipulation industry to make it impossible to understand what is really happening, to make people doubt everything and shift the blame.

The Kremlin's efforts "In the manipulation of information, they are of a global nature and of enormous proportions. This is the key instrument of this war," he continued. We hope that this political chaos will be put to an end soon, and that things will finally begin to calm down once again.

Every actor must consider carefully the consequences, as well as what has already occurred, in order to avoid making any mistakes.

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