Justin Roiland Pleads Not Guilty to Domestic Abuse Charges

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Justin Roiland Pleads Not Guilty to Domestic Abuse Charges
Justin Roiland Pleads Not Guilty to Domestic Abuse Charges

Justin Roiland, the co-creator and main voice actor of the popular cartoon sitcom Rick and Morty, is accused with felony domestic assault arising from an incident that happened in January 2020, according to a report by NBC News.

Roiland was arrested and charged with one felony case of domestic abuse with corporal harm and one felony count of false imprisonment by menace, violence, deception, and/or deceit. Roiland was dating the woman who was the victim in this case.

As a result of Roiland's plea of not guilty, the criminal complaint, arrest affidavit, and following court appearances all remain confidential. A trial date has not yet been scheduled, and Roiland appeared in court on Thursday in Orange County, California, for a preliminary hearing.

On April 27, he was required to appear at yet another pretrial hearing. Roiland was charged in May 2020 after the event in January 2020. In August of that year, he was detained and released on a $50,000 bail; he was legally charged in October of that same year.

Roiland was subjected to a protection order that same month, which forbade him from approaching the victim or coming within 100 feet of her; the protective order is still in place as of this writing (October 2023). Roiland has reportedly received a plea agreement in the matter, according to his lawyer.

Only a few days have passed since the Hulu premiere of Koala Man, the new animated comedy that Roiland is executive producing.

Rick and Morty

Roiland and Dan Harmon co-created Rick and Morty in 2013, and in the decade that followed, the series has reportedly become a billion-dollar franchise.

However, this is not the first time that Roiland and Harmon have been embroiled in controversies. In 2018, Harmon was accused of inappropriate conduct during his time working on the show Community. He later admitted to s*xually harassing a former writer on the show, Megan Ganz, and was ultimately fired from the cult NBC sitcom.

The Adult Swim animated sitcom Rick and Morty, which Justin Roiland co-created and co-starred in, is his most well-known work as an animator, voice actor, writer, producer, and director. Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, the show's two central figures, are both voiced by him.

Roiland has contributed his voice to a number of animated programs, including Fish Hooks and Adventure Time, in addition to his work on Rick and Morty. The animated series Solar Opposites on Hulu is another project he co-created and stars in.

Roiland has received recognition for his humorous writing and distinctive voice acting. He is well-known for his production and voice acting work on the hit cartoon series Rick and Morty.