Wagner Group headquarters attacked: Victims!


Wagner Group headquarters attacked: Victims!

A senior official in eastern Ukraine has confirmed that groups of Russian private military personnel were sleeping at a hotel in eastern Ukraine when Ukrainian forces attacked, killing many of them. In a television interview, Sergei Gadai, the governor of the Russian-occupied Lugansk region, made allegations which Reuters was not able to confirm.

In an interview with Ukrainian television, Gaidaj stated that on Saturday, Ukrainian forces broke into a hotel located in Kadivka, west of the main regional center of Lugansk, and launched an attack on it. On the Telegram messaging app, there are images showing that much of the building has been razed to the ground.

– They had a small cannon there, right where the headquarters of Wagner was. A huge number of those who were there died - he said. There was no immediate comment available from the Russian Defense Ministry.

Gajdaj on victims

While Gajdaj did not provide information about the victims at the time, he said there were limited medical facilities available for those who survived to receive treatment.

- I'm sure that at least 50 percent of those who managed to survive will die before they get medical help. This is because even in our Lugansk region they stole equipment - he said. The Ukrainian press quoted local officials as saying that the hotel had been closed for some time and had been closed by the government.

There is an organization known as the Wagner Group that is a private military contractor with close ties to the Kremlin. A number of African countries are also known to be host to its forces and it is also known that its forces are engaged in fighting in parts of Ukraine.

There had previously been reports by Gajdaj about attacks by Ukrainian forces against other targets in the Lugansk region, including Wagner's headquarters in Popasna in August, according to Reuters.