A 14-year-old boy dies in a clash between French and Moroccan fans


A 14-year-old boy dies in a clash between French and Moroccan fans

The semi-final match between France and Morocco at the World Cup in Qatar caused a lot of attention in the host country, as a large number of Moroccans live in France. As expected, French fans also took to the streets to celebrate, and authorities expressed concern about potential conflicts.

These fears were realized in the city of Montpellier, where a fierce conflict broke out between fans of the two countries. The video shows physical confrontations and the use of pyrotechnic devices. Information about any injuries and arrests has not yet been published.

14-years-old dies in a clash between French and Moroccan fans

Tragically, a 14-year-old boy was killed in the clashes in Montpellier.

A statement from the local government said the boy was "violently hit" by a car and taken to the hospital, but died shortly after arriving. The vehicle was found near the scene, and the police are investigating. Clashes between fans of the two teams also occurred in Paris.

The World Cup final between France and Argentina will take place on Sunday.

The incident in Montpellier shocked and saddened the football community. Many players and officials have expressed their condolences to the boy's family and have called for an end to the violence.

The French and Moroccan football associations have also issued statements condemning the violence and urging fans to support their teams in a peaceful manner. The authorities in Qatar have increased security measures for the final match, and have called on fans to behave responsibly and show respect for each other.

The French and Argentine teams have both expressed their determination to focus on the game and not be distracted by the events in Montpellier. The World Cup has been a successful and exciting tournament so far, with many surprising results and thrilling matches.

It is a shame that the events in Montpellier have marred the atmosphere. The hope is that the final match will be a showcase of the beautiful game and a celebration of the skill and sportsmanship of the players. May the best team win.

France beat Morocco 2-0 and qualified for the finals, where they will face Argentina. Morocco will play Croatia for third place.