Tragedy at Australian property: Six dead in shooting including officers

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Tragedy at Australian property: Six dead in shooting including officers

Six people, including two young police officers, were killed in a shooting in the Australian town of Wieambilli in the state of Queensland. The shooting occurred in the afternoon on Monday, and the suspects had tried to draw the surviving officer out by lighting a fire, according to Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers.

"Those officers did not stand a chance. The fact that two got out alive is a miracle," she said after visiting the scene on Tuesday. The surviving officer, who has sworn in only weeks ago, managed to find cover and call for help.

The suspects had then tried to draw her out by lighting a fire, said Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers. "She did not know whether she was going to be shot, or [if] she was going to burn alive," he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

"I do know she was sending messages to loved ones, saying she was at a point where she thought it was her time. What was going through her mind, one cannot comprehend."

A 58-year-old neighbor was also killed.

When police reinforcements arrived, three suspects, two men, and one woman, were killed.

Their identities have not been published, but they are believed to be a local teacher, his brother, and his brother's wife. Australia introduced strict gun regulations after a massacre in 1996 left 35 people dead. Since then, there have been only three mass shootings in the country.

Local officials and the community are mourning the loss of life and providing support to the families of the victims. The incident will be investigated by the coroner, and the police response will be examined by the force's ethical standards command.

Mr. Albanese. He expressed his condolences to those affected by the tragedy and acknowledged the difficult day ahead for police officers and their families. "This is not a price that anyone who puts on the uniform should ever pay," he said.

Local MP David Littleproud noted the shock and disbelief in his community, as incidents like this are rare in their small town. "[These] are small country towns where this sort of thing just doesn't happen," he told the ABC.