UN: "Over 6,300 civilian casualties in the war in Ukraine"

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UN: "Over 6,300 civilian casualties in the war in Ukraine"
UN: "Over 6,300 civilian casualties in the war in Ukraine" (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

Head of political affairs of the UN Rosemary DiCarlo in the Security Council spoke of the civilian victims in the war following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The data, from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, ranges from February 24 to October 18.

"At least 397 children have been killed in war since February 24. The actual numbers are probably considerably higher. Civilian casualties from the war in Ukraine so far are 6,322, and 9,634 injured." Latest news on the war in Ukraine Tehran in the meantime returns to deny Russia's use of Iranian drones in the conflict in Ukraine, accusing the EU and the UK of wanting to provoke it: "The provocative approach of the EU and Great Britain is part of an intentional political scenario and is in contradiction with their empty claims about contributing to peace and stability.

" US President Joe Biden, congratulates Giorgia Meloni, the first female Italian prime minister in history. Biden said: "I congratulate Giorgia Meloni on becoming the new Prime Minister of Italy. Italy is a vital NATO ally and close partner as our nations face shared global challenges together.

As a leader of the G7, I don't see looking forward to continuing to promote our support for Ukraine, to hold Russia accountable for its aggression, to ensure respect for human rights and democratic values, and to build sustainable economic growth." Ukrainian President Zelensky also congratulated Giorgia Meloni on twitter: "I wish the new government to successfully respond to all today's challenges.

I look forward to continued fruitful cooperation to ensure peace and prosperity in Ukraine, in Italy and in the world.." A nearly two-kilometer-long fortification was built outside the Russian-occupied city of Hirske in eastern Ukraine, new satellite images from Maxar Technologies show.

The fortification includes four rows of concrete pyramids that the Russians hope will prevent Ukrainian vehicles and tanks from moving east. Behind the anti-tank fortifications is a large trench. Both structures are said to have been built by mercenaries from the Wagner Group.