"There is fear of a Russian nuclear attack," said sport star

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"There is fear of a Russian nuclear attack," said sport star
"There is fear of a Russian nuclear attack," said sport star

The war between Russia and Ukraine is proceeding without a real way out yet, despite the fact that in recent days, diplomatic relations between Russia and the US are trying to mediate a solution to bring the conflict to an end, avoiding the risk of a nuclear catastrophe.

Ukraininan tennis player Marta Kostyuk talked about the fear of a possible Russian nuclear attack against her country. She told: "In such a situation you never know what to expect, last Monday they attacked the center of Kiev, just two days after I left the country, in the very area where I had spent those days.

Yes, this is a war, but it is being fought in the southeastern part of my country. That latest attack was just against civilians, it didn't make any sense. I tried to concentrate as much as possible, think about different things, without thinking much about the fact that Sasnovich was a Belarusian player.

The truth is that I constantly feel at a disadvantage because of this problem, from the start of every game. In the last few days I have been very nervous, when I woke up in Mexico most of the day has already passed, many things have already happened.

Every day, just before I go to bed, I think the same thing: Will there be a nuclear attack tonight? What happened next time I wake up?" The situation is still very uncertain. Russian missiles hit the energy infrastructure in the western regions of Ukraine.

The national energy operator Ukrenergo denounced this, while officials in various regions of the country reported interruptions in the supply of electricity following the attacks. The Russians carried out another missile attack on the energy structures of the main networks of the western regions of Ukraine.

The extent of the damage is comparable or could outweigh the aftermath of the October 10-12 attack, Ukrenergo said on social media. Meanwhile, Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu said that the head of the export branch of Russia's Gazprom, Elena Burmistrova, replied we'll see when asked how much gas Moldova will receive in November.

Gazprom has already cut supplies by 30% in October to the Eastern European country enclosed between Ukraine and Romania.